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Wicked Dragon Dagargin (邪悪竜ダガーギン Jaakuryū Dagagin) is one of the Jaakuryuu.

Character History

The strongest Wicked Dragon Ryuuwon has created by making his whole Jaryuu horde (about 3000) kill each other, making it also the last of the Wicked Dragons. He overuses the word "baby." His mission is to aid Ryuuwon in finding "The Three Headed Dragon of Darkness", a precious that gives the one it chooses, great power. He can absorb an attack and reproduce it with double power with his mutating right arm. However, as his right arm consumes much energy when transforming, he can be attacked provoking a general paralysis. Dargagin knows this weak point of his and knew when the Boukengers tried to use it, they were delivering weak attacks on purpose so the counter could be re-countered when wearing the Accel Tector, but he revealed that his weakness wasn't as easy to exploit as they expected (Masumi failing to do so and Satoru was nearly killed before succeeding). Enlarges himself as a last resort but is destroyed by SirenBuilder Crane and Great Sword Man Zubaan.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


concept art

  • Dagargin is based on Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger's MaxOhJa.
  • His motif is that of a Styracosaurus.



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