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DD Donmo (ドードードンモ DōDō Donmo, 26)

Character History

Bowzock's best maniacal shopper, specifically over the phone. He used cellular phones on his wrists to order special weapons that were sent to him by missiles. He was killed by the Giga Booster after Green Racer had to get it back from accidentally sending it to Hokkaido. Even though the Carrangers used RV Robo as a measure to survive long enough for the Giga Booster's arrival (to swat the missiles out of the air before they could reach him), this Gorotsuki did not use any imo-youkan and merely used his catalog weapons to attack the giant robot while remaining small. (since the imo-youkan must be from Imocho for growth and it was not sold in the catalog, DD Donmo wasn't able to buy any for the battle even though he could buy items such as bombs and protective vests)


DD Donmo is a compulsive shopaholic. He wears cellphones all over his body and constantly talks like he's in a infommercial. He likes senseless destruction and thinks waiting is the best part of phone orders.

Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is that of a cell phone.
  • DD Donmo is one of the rarest examples of Sentai Monsters who fights a Sentai team giant mecha without either growing itself or using a means of combat such as a robot or mecha.
  • His name is a pun on "NTT Docomo", the predominant mobile phone operator in Japan, maybe due to his telephone-themed appearance.
  • He was never adapted into Power Rangers Turbo. This is presumably because his main way of summoning his weapons was via missiles which are taboo in America. However, the Giga Booster would be introduced in the episode Trouble By The Slce as the Turbine Laser.


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