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DC was a Scarlet Sentinel assistant to Nimrod and partner of AC. He serves as one of two secondary antagonists of the episode "White Light".


AC and DC were first summoned by Nimrod to blast the Thunder Megazord in one big combined finishing blast which took it down. White Light

AC was later summoned to help thrash the Tigerzord in Warrior Dode alongside AC. They easily overpowered the Zord and forced it back into Tiger Mode. When the other Zords arrived, Red Dragon joined up with White Tiger and easily overpowered the three monsters with its staff. They then combined their Zords into the Mega Tigerzord and the monster's combined lightning blast had no effect. AC and DC then leapt off of Nimrod's shoulders to attempt an ariel strike but were punched into Nimrod, knocking all three monsters down. The Rangers then performed the Firebird finisher, ripping through all three monsters at which point AC and DC vanished as Nimrod died.


DC along with AC was shown to be loyal to Nimrod, but was also incompetent in his mission.

Powers And Abilities

  • Extraordinary Leaper: AC can leap an incredible distance.
  • Energy Balls: Nimrod and AC and DC can all fire light orange colored energy balls from their hands. When used in one big attack, it knocked Tommy out of his cockpit and forced the Tigerzord back into its Tiger Mode.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Nimrod and his flunkies were very skilled when it came to close quarters combat, being able to defeat the Tigerzord in Warrior Mode with ease.
  • Experts in Armed Combat: Nimrod and his minions easily broke through the Tigerzord's defenses and struck it with their weapons at least once.


  • Lighnting Thin Sword: DC possesses a thin sword for combat.
    • Energy Balls: DC can fire light pink colored energy balls from his thin sword.

Behind The Scenes


  • DC never spoke but his growls may have been provided by Brianne Sidddall (who voiced Nimrod) since they sound similar to Nimrod's own grunts.


  • In the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie game for the Sega Genesis, DC was refered to as S. Sentinel Neck a reference to the Dairanger name, "Lady Necklace".
  • It remains unclear which of the two henchmen are actually AC or DC. These article names are arbitrary.
  • "DC" means "direct current".
  • It is unclear whether AC and DC ceased to exist or retreated when the Scarlet Sentinel was destroyed (in the Dairanger episode where the footage was taken from, the other two villains had previously been killed and were temporarily revived). The former is more likely.
  • The Sentai versions of AC and DC were female and they along with Nimrod were sisters.

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