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AC was a Scarlet Sentinel and an assistant to Nimrod as well as the partner of DC.

Character History

AC and DC were first summoned by Nimrod to blast the Thunder Megazord in one big combined finishing blast which took it down.

After the White Tigerzord blasted Nimrod with it's White Tiger Thunderbolts, new White Ranger Tommy Oliver was confident that he’d be able to thrash them despite being heavily outnumbered but AC and DC overwhelmed the Tigerzord their speed and slashed them with their swords. Nimrod and her thugs then surrounded the White Tigerzord on three sides and unleashed a massive barrage of energy balls, knocking the Tigerzord back into Tiger Mode and ejecting Tommy from it.

As the Scarlet Sentinels advanced on his Zord to destroy it, Tommy called for help from Jason and managed to get the White Tigerzord back on its feet just as the Red Dragon Thunderzord arrived and it rode the Tigerzord into battle, turning the tide by jabbing AC and DC aside with it’s staff and slashing Nimrod across her waist. AC and DC charged and Nimrod barraged the two with her energy balls but they were unfazed and Tommy had the Red Dragon Thunderzord eject from the White Tigerzord. Tommy then re-entered his Zord and turned it back into Warrior Mode immediately before the Unicorn, Griffin, Lion and Firebird Thunderzords arrived with Zordon having apparently sent them through remote control. Tommy had the Zords combine which formed the new Mega Tigerzord to Nimrod and her flunkies’ shock. Nimrod and her goons fired the same attack that decimated the Thunder Megazord previously but the Mega Tigerzord just walked on through the blasts. AC and DC cowered behind Nimrod but she forced them into battle despite themselves so they took to the air and vaulted off of Nimrod’s face to gain an aerial advantage. However, the Mega Tigerzord punched them back into Nimrod, knocking all three down as the Mega Tigerzord powered up its finishing attack. As Nimrod insulted her minions for failing so miserably, the Mega Tigerzord unleashed the flaming Firebird Thunderzord and set it alight before it explosively ripped straight through all three Scarlet Sentinels and. As the Firebird Thunderzord reattached, AC and DC writhed and vanished into oblivion while Nimrod dropped her staff before she fell on her face and exploded.

Split History

Shortly after "Lord Zedd" (who was actually an illusion of the Temple of Light) took control of Saba, Nimrod had enlarged and summoned AC and DC to aid her in battle. They overwhelmed the Thunder Megazord which, with Billy drawing a blank on giving them more power, equipped the Thunder Saber but Nimrod leapt out of the way of it. She then combined powers with AC and DC, taking the Megazord down with a single shot and forcing them to retreat. They then moved into the countryside only to be confronted by Tommy as the new White Ranger in his new White Tigerzord. She quickly energy slashed it across the shoulder and they prepared their massive energy blast to finish it off but the Thunderzord Assault Team arrived and they formed the Mega Tigerzord. Before Nimrod could finish it off, the Mega Tigerzord fired the Firebird Thunderzord straight through her and her minions, destroying all three of them instantly. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Go Go Power Rangers Issue 27


DC was shown to be faithful to Nimrod but was also highly incompetent in his mission when confronted by a more powerful threat. Like AC, he was also very cowardly since he openly cowered behind his master when the Mega Tigerzord appeared.

Powers and Abilities


  • Energy Balls: Nimrod and AC and DC could all fire light orange colored energy balls from their hands. When used in one big attack, it knocked Tommy out of his cockpit and forced the Tigerzord back into its Tiger Mode.


  • Extraordinary Leaper: AC could leap incredible distances.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Nimrod and his flunkies were very skilled when it came to close quarters combat, being able to defeat the Tigerzord in Warrior Mode with ease.
  • Experts in Armed Combat: Nimrod and his minions easily broke through the Tigerzord's defenses and struck it with their weapons at least once.


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  • Sword: DC possessed a thin sword for combat.
    • Energy Balls: DC could fire light pink colored energy balls from his thin sword.

Behind the Scenes


  • DC never spoke but his growls may have been provided by Brianne Sidddall (who voiced Nimrod) since they sounded similar to Nimrod's own grunts.


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  • In the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie game for the Sega Genesis, DC was referred to as S. Sentinel Neck a reference to the Dairanger name, "Lady Necklace".
  • It remains unclear which of the two henchmen are actually AC or DC. These article names are arbitrary. "DC" means "direct current".
  • AC and DC appear to cease existing when Nimrod was destroyed (in the Dairanger episode where the footage was taken from, the other two villains had previously been killed and were temporarily revived).
  • Out of the three Scarlet Sentinels, DC's suit in the comics is changed the least from her Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Dairanger counterparts. The only significant changes are that she has actual hair (as opposed to the solid objects from the shows due to the wig) and her face is more expressive and human due to it not being a fancy face mask.
  • In the comics, like AC, and true to her TV counterparts, DC never speaks a single line. A change from her counterparts is that she does scream "ARGHHHH!" when hit by the Mega Tigerzord's finisher.


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