This article is about a/an computer in Power Rangers in Space, the last installment in the Zordon Era, and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
" I've been certified turtlefied! "
―D.E.C.A. when the Turtles reprogrammed her[src]


D.E.C.A. (unknown for its abbreviation) is the onboard computer aboard the Astro Megaship.


D.E.C.A. monitors the Megaship's vital systems. She allows the crew of the Astro Megaship to run it more smoothly by continuously monitoring the Megaship's status and its sensors. Cameras located in every room and major hallway of the Megaship allow D.E.C.A. to monitor the interior of the ship.

D.E.C.A. responds to voice commands and can also make reports in speech. D.E.C.A. can perform retinal scans on people whose eyes can be seen by D.E.C.A.'s cameras even without the subject knowing about it. D.E.C.A. is capable of speaking 3000 languages. In the event that the crew feels the need to silence D.E.C.A., there is a control on the bridge of the Megaship that can silence D.E.C.A. D.E.C.A. is the creator of the Quadro Blaster.

She went offline when the Megaship was destroyed in battle against the Scorpion Stinger.

Behind the scenes

She was voiced by Julie Maddalena.

In the Japanese dub, DECA was named DENA (ディナ Dina).

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