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Cyclopsis' cockpit

"Overload! Overload! Too many changes! System locked!"
―Cyclopsis' computer's only line when its systems failed due to the Rangers changing into the Ultrazord.[src]

Cyclopsis is a giant evil War Zord piloted by Goldar and arguably the strongest enemy the Power Rangers faced in the first season. It is also well known for being the very first evil Zord to appear in the entire Power Rangers franchise



"Cyclopsis is one of Rita’s most terrifying creations. She hasn’t brought it out in over 10,000 years. You will have to defeat him if you are to release the people of Angel Grove from the dimensional vortex in which Rita has them trapped."
Zordon describing Cyclopsis to the Rangers in Part II.[src]

Cyclopsis was originally used at least 10,000 years ago during an attack on Earth by Rita during her original war against Zordon. It was destroyed and is implied to have been her final attack before being sealed away in the dumpster.

In the series

After repeated failures, and following shortly after the failure of the Twin Man and his Evil Rangers, Rita decided to summon Goldar's Zord to fight and hopefully kill the Power Rangers. To accomplish this, Rita sent the entire population of Angel Grove into a side dimension and brought her palace to the Earth in order to make her strongest and ease the creation of Cyclopsis.

"Go, my star of doom. Wild storm and evil winds, arise! Who dares to challenge you?! Bring forth Cyclopsis now!"
―The spell that summoned Cyclopsis.

The War Zord erupted from underground which Alpha and Zordon detected but Goldar entered it and went on a rampage before they could act. The Rangers arrived in their Megazord but it was far too strong and easily bashed them around so they called the Dragonzord. Unfortunately, neither it's missile attack nor it's tail could faze the Zord and both took a thrashing. The Megazord tried to advance but was picked up with it's telekinesis and thrown down so they formed Dragonzord Battle Mode. However, the Tyrannosaurs had it's finishing breath attack pushed back at it and went down before the Dragonzord Battle Mode fired forth it's head fin only to have it thrown back. Cyclopsis then knocked the two down with a barrage of missiles and electrocuted by the War Zord's extending arm cables. Luckily, Zordon summoned Titanus who blasted the Zord back, releasing its hands, and the Rangers formed the Ultrazord. The Zord's strong armor was no match for its barrage and Goldar had to flee before it exploded but its head managed to remain intact.

Although the Rangers thought that it was destroyed, Rita summoned Lokar who reformed it into a stronger version that was now equipped with arm blades although lacking its other abilities. The Megazord and Dragonzord deployed again but Cyclops easily cleaved off the Megazord's right arm and the Dragonzord's tail. Rita then blasted them into apparent oblivion although it was soon revealed that they had actually teleported back to their hiding places.

Following a failed attack on the Power Rangers with the Putty Patrol, in which they escaped using their Communicators which Rita had previously been blocking, Goldar returned to Cyclopsis and went on a rampage. After linking to Rita Repulsa's computer systems while her Palace was on Earth, Alpha discovered that the only weakness in Cyclopsis was that its systems needed to adjust to compensate for battle with a new opponent, and too many changes in the enemy would cause it to freeze up and be completely open to attack. With this new strategy, the Rangers once again deployed against the War Zord.

They first attacked with thier individual Dinozords, doing a little damage with the Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops Dinozord's tail blasts and the Pterodactyl's laser cannons but it soon overwhelmed the Tyrannosaurus so they formed the Megazord and summoned the Dragonzord. The Power Sword was able to prove a match for the Zord's arm blades, pinning them down so that the Dragonzord could smash them with its tail. With the Zord now basically helpless, they formed the Dragonzord in Battle Mode which thrashed the Zord but was overwhelmed by Lokar's lightning. Crushing a building, Jason called for Titanus and they formed the Ultrazord which vanquished Lokar and destroyed Cyclopsis once and for all. Unfortunately, the War Zord's computer warned Goldar of its imminent demise and he was able to escape. In the process, the entire population of Angel Grove was returned and the Evil Space Aliens were forced to retreat back to the Moon.

It has been speculated that because Alpha and Zordon hacked into Rita's database, and Rita found out, she was forced into alternative methods of monster making (such as planting seeds and transformation of objects) until Finster had fresh monster ideas.

Other Media

Cyclopsis appears as the final boss in the SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, & Sega CD versions of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

First Form

  • Strength: Cyclopsis knocked back both the Megazord and Dragonzord with single punches and kicks and it caught and threw back the Dragonzord Battle Mode's head fin with ease.
  • Armor: Cyclopsis also possessed super strong armor that can withstand the Dragonzord's missile barrage and not get a scratch.
  • Telekinesis: Cyclopsis possesses telekinesis, being able to lift the Megazord into the air with ease and knock back the Tyrannosaurus' breath attack,
  • Shoulder Missiles: Cyclopsis can flip up panels in it's shoulders, revealing rocket launchers from which it can fire missiles. This was strong enough to take down the Megazord and Dragonzord Battle Mode with one hit each.
  • Lightning Bolts: Cyclopsis can charge it's shoulders up with blue energy to fire red lightning bolts from them.
  • Forehead Lightning Beam: Cyclopsis can fire a red colored lightning beam from his forehead.
  • Horn Laser Blast: Cyclopsis can unleash a very small but very powerful orange colored laser blast from his middle horn.


  • Fist: While not having any weapons, Cyclopsis can still fight with just its bare fists.
    • Cable Arms: Cyclopsis can fire his arms with cables attached to them
      • Lightning Effect: Anyone grabbed by Cyclopsis' cable arms get electrocuted by blue lightning.

Second Form

  • Enhanced Strength: Being powered up by both Rita and Lokar, Cyclopsis is now far stronger as it was able to cleave off the Dino Megazord's left arm and the Dragonzord's tail with single swings.
  • Chain Blast: Cyclopsis can fire chains from his hands to wrap his enemies.
  • Lightning Ball: Cyclopsis can unleash a white lightning ball from the top of his head, it will drop on the ground and unleash a devastating lightning implosion.


  • Arm Blades: Cyclopsis possesses a pair of arm mounted blades on his arms which he uses in combat.


  • Cyclopsis is the first and (so far) only Zord in the Power Rangers franchise to have telekinesis.
    • This is because it was piloted by the unadapted Kai from Zyuranger who had telekinesis and he focused it through his Zord.
  • Kai was originally going to pilot Cylclopsis after being adapted as the character Bubba but this idea was scrapped seeing as the first episode to feature Cyclopsis had him with a group of Japanese kids and Goldar replaced him.
  • Cyclopsis is the first enemy in the Power Rangers franchise to dismember a Megazord which would not be repeated until Tankenstein, who blew off a portion of the Mega Voyager's arm in A Line in the Sand.
  • In the Boom! Studios comics parts of Cyclopsis was used to build Typhonis, Goldar's new war Zord. However, the All-New Power Rangers were able to take control of it and used it to help the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from being destroyed by Serpentera.


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