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For the Magiranger villain, see Hades Warrior God Cyclops

Cyclops was the monster summoned by Goldar.

Character History

It could fire lasers from its one eye, but the most significant feature was its ability to shapeshift into any Megazord while large. In fact, the Cyclops was always giant while battling the rangers, so it is not known if it could shapeshift while human size. In part 1, it disguised itself as the Dragonzord and attacked Angel Grove. The Rangers summoned their Zords and fought it, but were beaten by it until Tommy escaped the Dark Dimension and called for the real Dragonzord. After being hit by its tail, it retreated. In part 2, it returned to Angel Grove, this time as Dragonzord Battle Mode. Since the five Rangers were occupied with the Green Candle, Tommy fought the monster alone. During the fight, it morphed into the Rangers' Megazord and Jason's Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Cyclops proved to be too much for Tommy and the other Rangers had to abandon their mission and joined Tommy. With the combined powers of their Megazord, Dragonzord, and Titanus, the Rangers were able to destroy Cyclops.

Powers and Abilities


  • Can shape shift in to any of the zord configurations

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