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―summoning announcement via VS Changer[src]

The Cyclone Dial Fighter (サイクロンダイヤルファイター Saikuron Daiyaru Faitā) is a lime auxiliary Dial Fighter modeled after a coaxial rotor​​ helicopter. Its code is 3-1-9.


In its Attack Mode, the blades of the Dial Fighter split apart to act as dual cutting blades and can create lime-colored tornadoes. When used in a Kaitou Boost, it fires an energy blast in the shape of a whirling propeller to attack/finish foes. This attack can be enhanced with the power of other pieces in the Lupin Collection.

Appearances: Lupinranger VS Patranger Episodes 5-8, 13, 16, 18, 21-22, 25-28, 31-32, 41-43, 46-48


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Kaitou Gattai LupinKaiser Cyclone

"Complete! LupinKaiser Cyclone!"
―Announcement after completing transformation[src]

LupinKaiser Cyclone (ルパンカイザーサイクロン Rupan Kaizā Saikuron) is the combination of the Red Dial Fighter, Blue Dial Fighter, Cyclone Dial Fighter, and GoodStriker. In this form, LupinKaiser can attack with Striking Tornado, where the rotary blades of the Cyclone Dial Fighter launch green energy infused twisters at the enemy lifting them in midair. Its finishing move is GoodStriker Rapid Fire: Send You Flying Shot (グッドストライカー連射 吹き飛んじまえショット Guddo Sutoraikā Rensha Fukitonjimae Shotto), where it fires down the opponent as s/he is stuck in the Striking Tornado.

Appearances: Lupinranger VS Patranger Episodes 6, 8, 13

Additional Formations

LupinKaiser Cyclone Knight

Main article: Scissor Dial Fighter & Blade Dial Fighter
"Complete! LupinKaiser Cyclone Knight!"
―Announcement after completing transformation.[src]

LupinKaiser Cyclone Knight (ルパンカイザーサイクロンナイト Rupan Kaizā Saikuron Naito) is the combination of the Red Dial Fighter, Cyclone Dial Fighter, Scissor Dial Fighter, Blade Dial Fighter, and Good Striker. Its finishing move is the GoodStriker Shooting-Out Flash (グッドストライカー 撃ち抜いちまえフラッシュ Guddo Sutoraikā Uchinuichimae Furasshu), where its readies the Scissor Dial Fighter's shield portion and it flies through Cyclone's spinning blades, destroying the foe.

Appearances: Lupinranger vs Patranger Episodes 16, 18, 26, 31

Victory LupinKaiser Cyclone Knight

Victory LupinKaiser Cyclone Knight (ビクトリールパンカイザーサイクロンナイト Bikutorī Rupankaizā Saikuron Naito) is the combination between VictoryStriker, Cyclone Dial Fighter, Scissors Dial Fighter & Blade Dial Fighter, and GoodStriker.

Appearances: Lupinranger VS Patranger Episodes 43



  • This is the first Dial Fighter to be used by the Patrangers (specifically Patren 1gou in its debut episode) before being used by the Lupinrangers.
  • The code of this Dial Fighters is a Goroawase pun. It reads sa (3) - i (1) - ku (9), composing the first part of it's name - Cyclone (サイクロン Saikuron).
  • The Cyclone Dial Fighter shares some similarities to Karakuri Giant Tenkuujin from Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger. Both mecha resemble helicopters (Tenkuujin being a single-rotor heli and Cyclone being a coaxial rotor heli) and are tinges of green, and both can be used as arms that attack primarily with tornadoes.
  • The Cyclone Dial Fighter has some similarities to the Cyclone Gaia Memory from Kamen Rider W:
    • Both are green.
    • Both have a cyclone motif.
    • Both are used by the protagonists with roots from the villains. The Cyclone Gaia Memory is used by Phillip/Raito Sanozaki while the Cyclone Dial Fighter is used by the Lupinrangers.
  • This is the first Collection to be remodelled into a Dial Fighter by Noel Takao himself, with the second one being Magic because the others (especially Red, Blue, and Yellow) are remodelled by Arsene Lupin himself as stated by Kogure



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