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Cyclobots are the foot soldiers and army of Ransik. They are robots which Ransik uses to his advantage in his quest to destroy the Time Force Rangers and destroy the city in the year 2001. They are despised by Ransik for being "Useless" and "Stupid", he sometimes destroys them through anger or frustration.

Character History

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Originally, they were created by Dr. Louis Ferricks in the year 3000 as his personal aids, who saw Robots as being the same as Mutants and Humans. However, the Cyclobots were destroyed by Ransik when he burned down the professors lab. Ferricks survived and rebuilt himself as another Robot called Frax. For a time after Frax's betrayal of Ransik the Cyclobots remained loyal to their creator, but eventually helped Ransik apprehend him and even saw to the removal of his human memories. A massive army of Cyclobots later participated in Ransik's final attack on Silver Hills, but were destroyed by the efforts of the Rangers.

Nadira usually carries a number of them in her purse. Cyclobots also seem to move in unusual ways. When moving at a walking pace they will instead hop forward while raising their arms in a pumping action and they will also sometimes do this while staying in one position or just pump their arms. When engaging an enemy they will stop this and run normally. Each Cyclobot carried a sword which could be switched to a laser blaster mode.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: They can teleport at will when they are called into battle.
  • Size Changing: Cyclobots have the ability to be compacted down to the size and shape of nuts and bolts, only taking moments to reach their full size once more.
  • Human Form: They have the ability to take on human forms.


  • Strength: Whilst nowhere near a match for the morphed Rangers, they easily battled their unmorphed forms in the episode "Force From The Future" and easily overwhelmed the Silver Guardians on several occasions such as when they battled over Max Axe in the penultimate episode of Time Force, "A Calm Before the Storm."
  • Marching: The Cyclobots can march into battle, even seeming to teleport by doing this as well.


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  • Sword: The Cyclobots carry short golden swords that they can use to cleave down their enemies.
    • Laser Blasters: Their swords also double as blasters that can release red lasers and be pointed sideways and fired at a moment's notice with the lasers being powerful enough to take down all six Rangers.

Behind the Scenes


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  • It is unknown how the Cyclobots came to be Ransik's minions, seeing as they were developed by Ferricks. It is possible that Ransik stole the technology to create the Cyclobots. Otherwise, it is curious that he would fail to recognize them as the creations of his former victim and suspect a connection.


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