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"Cycletron is ready to roll."
―Cycletron's first words[src]

""My tires are going flat!""
―Cycletron when being blasted on the ground by Ravi and his last words before his death.[src]


Tires being infected to create him.

Cycletron was a tire-themed Robotron monster in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. He was the first monster to be created by Scrozzle to battle the Beast Morphers Rangers.

Character History

Cycletron was the first Robotron to be created when Scrozzle infected some tires. He was tasked to fight off the Rangers while Scrozzle and Blaze retreated with the Morph-X they stole. Ravi became heated when fighting Cycletron solo, and because his Gorilla DNA was semi corrupted by Evox, he went berserk and lost control of himself and started to attack Zoey. Afterwards, Devon destroyed Cycletron with a blast of his Beast X Blaster. After Cycletron's defeat, Scrozzle used the Morph X he and Blaze stole and used it along with Cycletron's data to create the Gigadrone Cycledrone it is destroyed by the Beast Racer Zord Battle Mode. Evox's Revenge


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Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-Despite being the first monster of the week, Cycletron is one of the stronger robotrons. He was able to knock Ravi's Beast X Sabre out of his hand with a single swing of his arm and knock him over with one shove.
  • Durability-Although he was only the first monster, Cycletron was durable enough to be shot multiple times by a ruthless Ravi and barely react.
  • Superhuman Speed: Cycletron can run fast and land a blow powerful enough to knock over Ravi.


  • Bicycle Fists-Although he lacks any weapons, Cycletron has rounded hands to aid him in combat. These were powerful enough to rid Ravi of his Beast X Sabre.
    • Laser Beam: Cycletron can fire yellow lasers from his fingers.

Behind the Scenes


Cycletron is voiced by Barry Duffield.


  • Cycletron is the very first monster of the Hasbro Era of Power Rangers.
  • This Robotron shares the same name as CycletronIcon-crosswiki from VR TroopersIcon-crosswiki.
  • Cycletron is created from a car tire, unlike his Super Sentai counterpart . It is unknown why this happened since he kept his Sentai counterpart's bicycle motif.
  • Cycletron is the first Robotron created by Scrozzle.
  • Cycletron is the first Robotron personally destroyed by Devon.

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