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"Cycletron is ready to roll!"
―Cycletron's first words[src]

""My tires are going flat!""
―Cycletron when being blasted on the ground by Ravi and his last words before his destruction.[src]

Tires being infected to create him.


Cycletron was a tire/motorcycle-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers and is the primary antagonist of the episode Evox's Revenge.

Cycletron was the first Robotron to be created by Scrozzle to battle the Beast Morphers Rangers, is the first monster of Power Rangers Beast Morphers and is overall the first monster in the entire Power Rangers Beast Morpher series.

Character History

Cycletron was created when Scrozzle infected some tires. He was tasked with fighting off the Rangers while Scrozzle and Blaze retreated with the Morph-X they stole. Ravi became overheated when fighting Cycletron solo, and because his Gorilla DNA was semi-corrupted by Evox, he went berserk and lost control of himself. He crushed Cycletron's tires and began shooting wildly at the wounded Robotron. When Zoey made a snarky comment about Ravi's aim, Ravi started shooting at her instead. Zoey dodged the blasts but suddenly grew tired also as a result of Evox's power corruption and collapsed. Devon intervened just in time, grabbing Ravi's blaster and destroying Cycletron with a single shot from the blaster.

After Cycletron's defeat, Scrozzle used the Morph-X he and Blaze had stolen and used it along with Cycletron's data to create the Gigadrone Cycledrone, which is destroyed by the Beast Racer Zord Battle Mode. Evox's Revenge

Cycletron, Bulldozertron, Infernotron, and Dumbbelltron were all resurrected by Venjix to defend him after he deflected the Beast-X King Ultra Bow's Power Bolt. Cycletron fought Steel and was quickly knocked down by him who then went after Evox. He was then destroyed off-screen by Ravi perhaps from being stabbed by his Beast-X Saber. Evox Unleashed


Cycletron was very aggressive and eager to fight from the moment he was created. However, he panicked after an overheated Ravi crushed his tires.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Despite being the first monster-of-the-week, Cycletron is one of the stronger robotrons. He was able to knock Ravi's Beast X Sabre out of his hand with a single swing of his arm and knock him over with one shove.
  • Armor: Although he was only the first monster, Cycletron has thick armor durable enough to be shot multiple times by a ruthless Ravi and barely react.
  • Superhuman Speed: Cycletron can run fast and land a blow powerful enough to knock over Ravi.


  • Bicycle Fists: Although Cycletron lacks any weapons, he has rounded hands to aid him in combat. These were powerful enough to rid Ravi of his Beast X Sabre.
    • Energy Lasers: Cycletron can fire yellow colored energy lasers from his fingers, these lasers can be fired in rapid sucession.

Behind the Scenes


Cycletron is voiced by Barry Duffield.


  • Cycletron is the very first monster of Beast Morphers and the first monster of the Hasbro Era of Power Rangers.
  • Cycletron is very similar to Tire Org and Motorcycle Org from Power Rangers Wild Force, as both monsters are themed after a motorcycle and both monsters can fire an energy laser.
  • This Robotron shares the same name as CycletronIcon-crosswiki.png from VR TroopersIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • Cycletron is created from a car tire, unlike his Super Sentai counterpart who was created from a bicycle. Ironically, this would make "Tiretron" and "Cycleloid" much more accurate names for the two respective monsters.
  • Cycletron is the first Robotron created by Scrozzle.
  • Cycletron is the first Robotron personally destroyed by Devon.
  • Cycletron dies differently than his Go-Busters counterpart. In Go-Busters, the Blue Buster brutally tortures Tireloid before destroying him with his sword. In Beast Morphers, Devon simply shoots Cycletron with Ravi's Blaster. This is because the way Blue Buster destroyed Tireloid is too violent to be shown on Power Rangers.
  • Cycletron returns in another episode of Beast Morphers : Evox Unleashed (Beast Morphers's finale), with Infernotron, Bulldozertron and Dumbbelltron.

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