This article is about a/an Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
"If you've never seen a Gigadrone before, your in for a real treat, this Alpha model's a personal favorite! I've got hundreds just like it, right under our feet. They can all morph with Robotron data when they teleport."
―Scrozzle announcing Cycledrone.[src]

Cycledrone is the first Type Alpha Gigadrone robot, created from the data of Cycletron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Cycledrone is a Gigadrone type Alpha who was created using Cycletron's data, sent to steal Morph-X from a Morph-X Tower. Devon deployed in his new Racer Zord and changed into Battle Mode before fighting and easily overpowering Cycledrone. However, Cycledrone dodged away from a slash and Devon saw a billboard with a dog on it, exploiting his weakness and freezing him at which point Cycledrone left. Zoey deployed in her Chopper Zord and Ravi ran assistance in the Wheeler Zord. Cycledrone chased after a lorry but the Chopper Zord very quickly arrived although it was shot out of the sky by Cycledrone. Luckily, the Racer Zord arrived just in time and caught it on his Zord's helipad (redeeming hoimself from his earlier beserker attack on her whilst enraged). Having recovered, the Chopper Zord changed to Jackrabbit Mode and rammed through the Gigadrone multiple times before drilling underground in it's Underground Strike to get behind it and then kicking it back into the city with it's Beast Kick. Devon was still stuck when Cycledrone returned and slammed into it, knocking both to the ground but also breaking the freeze state. Devon then summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster for the first time and destroyed Cycledrone with the Racer Zord's Cheetah Strike.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Cycledrone can swing at the Chopper Zord and knock it out of the sky.
  • Hyper Speed: Cycledrone can change its feet to wheels so that it can run at high speed, going fast enough to keep up with a lorry.


  • Blasters: Cycledrone can shoot yellow lasers from its right arm.

Behind the Scenes


  • Like his Robotron counterpart, his voice is provided by Barry Duffield, although he only speaks in grunts and roars.


  • Cycledrone is the first Gigadrone Type Alpha and the first Gigadrone overall.
  • The reason Cycledrone appears to be chasing a bus in the countryside before Zoy arrived was because it was a tanker in disguise in the Japanese episode.
  • His hand was picked up by Zoey for scanning in Taking Care of Business.
    PRBM - Beast Chopper Zord
  • In the Sentai version, the billboard is shown a chicken. In the PR version, the chicken billboard is digitally replaced with a dog billboard.

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