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"My giant Gigadrone will do a better job than either of you. Now, let's get started. If you've never seen a Gigadrone before, you're in for a real treat. This Alpha model's a personal favorite. I've got hundreds just like it, right under our feet. They can all morph with Robotron data when they teleport."
Scrozzle explaining to Blaze and Roxy about Gigadrones while creating Cycledrone.[src]

Cycledrone is the first Gigadrone Alpha Model to battle the Rangers and the giant form of Cycletron, it was created from the data of Cycletron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It appears in the episode "Evox's Revenge", the second part of the two-part pilot of Power Rangers Beast Morphers


Cycledrone was deployed by Scrozzle to steal Morph-X from a Morph-X Tower. Devon deployed in his new Racer Zord and and easily overpowered Cycledrone. However, Cycledrone dodged a slash and Devon saw a billboard with a dog on it, exploiting his weakness and freezing him at which point Cycledrone left. Zoey deployed in her Chopper Zord and Ravi ran assistance in the Wheeler Zord. Cycledrone chased after a lorry but the Chopper Zord quickly arrived although it was shot out of the sky by the Gigadrone. Luckily, the Racer Zord arrived just in time and caught it on his Zord's helipad (redeeming himself from his earlier attack after overheating). Having recovered, the Chopper Zord knocked Cycledrone with its Rapid Blast and under Jax's advice, Zoey changed it into Jackrabbit Mode and rammed through the Gigadrone multiple times before drilling underground using its Underground Strike to get behind it and then kicking it back into the city with its Beast Kick. Devon was still stuck when Cycledrone returned and slammed into it, knocking both to the ground but also freeing from his frozen state. Devon then summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster for the first time and destroyed Cycledrone with the Racer Zord's Cheetah Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox's Revenge

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Cycledrone has a great deal of strength due to his massive size, he can swing at the Chopper Zord and knock it out of the sky.
  • Wheel Speed: Cycledrone can change its feet to wheels so that it can run at high speed, going fast enough to keep up with a lorry.


  • Fists: While lacking in weapons, Cycledrone can use its fists to smack its enemies with.
    • Finger Blasts: Cycledrone can fire small red-orange colored energy blasts from its fingers in rapid succession.

Behind the Scenes


Cycledrone's right hand being carried by the the Chopper Zord.

  • Like his Robotron counterpart, his voice is provided by Barry Duffield, although he only speaks in grunts and roars.


  • Cycledrone is the first Gigadrone Alpha Model and the first Gigadrone overall.
  • The reason Cycledrone appears to be chasing a bus in the countryside before Zoey arrived was because it was a tanker in disguise in the original episode.
  • His hand was picked up by Zoey for scanning in Taking Care of Business but was far too damaged to be useful.

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