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Cyborg Rangers is the seventh episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It features the only appearance of the Cyborg Rangers.


Cyborg Rangers are created to replace the Power Rangers. But when they go haywire during their fight with Strikning, the heroes must resume their Ranger duties to stop their successors.


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  • A human face is clearly seen when the Red Cyborg lowers his visor.
  • The robots Rangers are called cyborgs, when android should have been more accurate. A cyborg is typically half organic and half mechanical.


  • This episode has a similar plot to Ep. 5: Finish It! This Is an Underhanded Battle from Denji Sentai Megaranger in the sense where the higher-ups of the organization the team worked for attempts to intervene due to the lack of confidence of their ability to defeat the enemy. The only difference is their attempt to gain control of the team's mecha by installing an AI System, which like in this episode, their plan backfires forcing the team to regain control.

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