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Cyborg Q (サイボーグQ Saibōgu Kyū, 36) was a spy from Black Cross Iron Man Mask General Temujin's forces. Resembling a normal woman named Aya Mizuki (水木亜矢 Mizuki Aya). Kirenger found her jumping off of cliff and nearly drown in the ocean. He saved her life, upon bringing her to shore. She was in fact a cyborg working for the Black Cross. Her only use of weapon was a dagger and is able to grow sharp metal fingernails. She ended up being destroyed by Warship Mask.


  • She was the only Black Cross Minion to not have "mask" in her name.
  • She is the very first villain in Sentai (monster, general or otherwise) who has a change of heart and becomes an ally of the hero team, even in death
  • Her usage as a spy working alongside the villains as a different unit is similar to the Dark Q used by Machine Empire Black Magma of Sun Vulcan
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