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"Cyber Slider TMY" (サイバースライダーTMY Saibā Suraidā Cho Mega Yoroshiku) is an insert theme produced for Megaranger.


Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Let's go Cyberslider!
Nejireta biru no ruupu wo surinukete
Todome wa Slider Break!
Ninki kyuujoushou uchuu no umi e

Are you ready? Yatsu-ra crazy
Jigoku-yuki da ze Minna matomete
Come on Slider! Cyberslider!
Cool ni tobashite hero ni naru ze!
Program nara no problem
Ore-ra aite ja osoi ze koukai!
Tyo Mega Yaruki da ze!

Let's go Cyberslider!
Shimaru gate no sukima kiki ippatsu
Okaeshi Slider Break!
Motto souzouryoku! Uchuu no nami e

Are you lady? Lady desu ka?
Kankei nai ze Nejirejia nara
Come on Slider! Cyberslider!
Soul ni hibiku ze! Hero no yokan
Access number 2-5-9
_Dokuwaku dake_ wo nokkete Ride on!
Tyo Mega Yoroshiku de

Let's go Cyberslider!
Megami wa itsumo seigi ni hohoemu sa
Kimeru ze Cyberslider!
Motto takai nami de uchuu wo mitai...

Let's go Cyberslider!
They emerge from their twisted building
We will put an end to them with Slider Break!
As our popularity surges throughout the earth

Are you ready? Those guys are crazy
Through hell and snow all of us will gather
Come on Slider! Cyberslider!
All of us will leap and become cool heroes
With our program, we will solve these problems
Filled with determination my partners and I
Will use the Tyo Mega to publicly humilate them!

Let's go Cyberslider!
Within a hair's breath, we slide through the Gate of disaster
With the power of our imagination! We will ride the universal wave
Return Slider Breaker!

Are you lady? Are you ready Lady?
Don't play any of your evil tricks on us Nejirejia
Come on Slider! Cyberslider!
For within this hero's soul, a premonition reverberates
Access number 2-5-9
Filled with determination inside the Tyo Mega
Take us to exciting places Ride on!

Let's go Cyberslider!
The goddess of justice is always smiling
Decide now Cyber Slider!
Watch as the universal waves grow more higher....

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