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"As you wish, my lord."
―Computer Psyma Beast Cyber Gildo's first words[src]

Computer Psyma Beast Cyber Gildo (電脳サイマ獣サイバギルド Dennō Saimajū Saibagirudo) is a cyborg Psyma Beast under Dark King Zylpheeza

Character History

Cyber Gildo was a Psyma Beast created by Zylpheeza to destroy human society by hacking into networks and inserting a computer virus to bring the city to a stand-still. Nagare realizes the action of the monster and immediately hacks into the same networks to eliminate the virus before it can cause any more damage. When he goes with the team to face it in person, he tries to use his own special "Virus Buster" cannon to disrupt the virus but it gets away after attacking GoGoFive via their Anti-Hazard Suit technology.

Later, the team ends up facing him again, this time with the "Virus Buster: Mondo Special" (in actuality Nagare's Virus Buster with a few adjustments by the Tatsumi father). After Nagare regains his confidence in his skills, he ends up using the weapon, while destroying it alone with the Life Bird's Calamity Breaker while his siblings hold it down with their ropes.

After Pierre revives it with his Resurrection Card, the team initially uses Grand Liner to face it but can't attack it until Nagare reveals from his research the difference between the Psyma's Resurrection Cards (which turns Psyma Beasts into powerful giant ghosts) and the Golem Cards (which revives them fully as empowered giants). Seeing it as a ghost, they switch to Victory Robo where the theory is proven true due to the power of the Braver Sword's Plus Energy destroying it with ease.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Cyber Gildo is equipped with multiple computer wires that it uses to hack into computer networks and input a virus that can shut down all systems; the same wires can be used to hack into the Anti-Hazard Suits of GoGoFive and cause damage internally to the team.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His motifs are the ones of a demon and wires

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