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"You're in the Cyber Dimension. I'm the mighty Scrozzle, and this is my kingdom."
Cyber Dimension

An overview of the Cyber Dimension.

Cd main space

The main area with Evox's computer.

The Cyber Dimension is the former main base of Evox's Virus. Scrozzle came here to hide from Vargoyle; being the sole inhabitant he became the de facto ruler, set up a lab, and created an army of machines to protect himself.

After Nate Silva teleported Evox, Blaze and Roxy out of Grid Battleforce's lab they found themselves trapped here; Evox quickly ousted Scrozzle and demanded he help them escape. Although Scrozzle possessed a teleporter that could send avatars and robots to and from Earth there was not enough Morph X to transport a being of Evox's power. Evox thus ordered Scrozzle and Blaze to go to Earth and retrieve Morph X.Evox's Revenge Evox greatly disliked the Cyber Dimension, once referring to it as a "miserable hole of a dimension."Taking Care of Business

Scrozzle built a Cybergate that would allow Evox to escape and download himself into a robotic body. However, Nate damaged the Cybergate causing it to close and pull Evox back in.The Cybergate Opens Scrozzle repaired it but with the intended robot having been transformed into Steel he remained trapped.Silver Sacrifice

In a bid to stop Evox, the Rangers, with the aid of Mayor Adam Daniels entered the Cyber Dimension and blew up a stolen Morph X Tower causing an explosion that devastated the dimension and destroyed Evox's new physical body. However, Evox survived and secretly possessed Mayor Daniels.Evox: Upgraded

Afterwards Evox and Scrozzle relocated to The Crystal Dimension.Save Our Shores After the Rangers discovered Evox had returned, Nate scanned the Cyber Dimension but found it still abandoned.Believe It or Not

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