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"The missiles are ready sir."
"Now I can use those missiles to destroy Earth myself. You humans are about to go up in smoke!"
―Cybax after being enlarged by the Maximizers.[src]
"This isn’t over! You’re gonna pay for this!"
―Cybax to the Rangers for stopping his missile lunching device.[src]

Cybax is a cyborg brain coral monster who was the third monster Prince Vekar sent down to further his plans of ruling Earth. He was in charge of launching Levira's missiles and overseeing the destruction of major cities. However Troy Burrows uncovers his plan and Cybax was defeated with the Legendary SPD Megazord.Earth Fights Back

Powers and Abilities

He wields gatling-gun like blasters that can fire lasers.

He also has missiles that Princess Levira gave him, with the capabilities to destroy whole cities around the world.


  • Despite being one of Vekar's Commanders, his costume and abilities fits the theme of a typical Troobian. This is due to his Gokaiger counterpart being an Alienizer.
    • It is unlikely that Cybax is a Troobian however since the S.P.D. takes place in 2025.
    • It's is unknown if he had any last words before his death.

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