This article is about a/an parody dub monster in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.

Cy Steinberg was the the director for a badly conceived music video and the first monster sent by Bernie Tanaka along with Nigal Cochran.

Character History

Cy Steinburg emerged as Bernie Tanaka's gang began to rise upwards in the Grand Gizmo to start their career in film making. He first shows up with Nigel Cochran and his Reptiles That Go "Whee!" to cause chaos by making numerous explosions for the music video project. He then captured people in bubbles helplessly in order to get more people for the project without a permit until the five Dynakids/Dynamen emerge and temporarily fighting them, with Wooshi breaking the bubbles with his kendo sword. When the Dynaman finally do arrive, it faces the team until it is overwhelmed by multiple attacks and is blown up by their Dyna Human Pinwheel. After he grew with his genetic chromosomes, the Dynamen hold it off with Dyna Head and Dyna Body until forming Dynaman Robot for the first time, where they defeat him by cutting him in half, causing an explosion and thus ending Cy's career of directing bad music videos.


Cy is monotone, talks a lot, and is sociable despite being a monster.

Modus and Arsenal

It's main ability is to create bubbles to encase and capture people; it can also emit "crab bombs" to attack.



Behind the Scenes

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