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Cut Off is the ninth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury. It features the debut appearance of the Dino Fury Megazord Fortress Formation and the Flare Dino Key.


The Ranger teens go camping, and Ollie is teased for bringing all his tech gadgets along. But when the teens get in trouble, his savvy use of tech might be their only hope.


The Rangers are out camping out the woods, and Ollie brought different high-tech gear for the trip. However, the rest of the group does not think they are needed, especially after Zayto gets flung off the motorized hammock when it goes haywire. Unknown to them, Mucus and Roostafa see the Rangers from the bushes and feel that the plan is coming along.

Mucus and Roostafa meet up with Void Knight, who has a giant balloon with a device on it. Mucus air-headedly thinks it is a birthday celebration, but Roostafa explains that the balloon will lift the disruptor and block any form of communication, including the Ranger's teleportation system. Before Void Knight can give the signal, Mucus lets the balloon loose and hits a tree. As the group bickers, Zayto, Izzy, and Javi overhear them and call Ollie and Amelia. The Rangers confront them and morph. Void Knight calls for the Hengemen for support and has them fight the Rangers. Mucus uses a stick to push the balloon out of the tree and into the air during the fight. Afterwards, Void Knight and his forces leave as the Rangers see the balloon emit a surge of energy.

They try to teleport back to Dinohenge but find that their teleportation is blocked, and Ollie cannot contact Solon. Even Amelia is unable to call through her cell phone, leaving the others anxious. With them unable to teleport back to Pine Ridge, Void Knight is free to gather the Sporix Cells unpeeded, and if one were to hatch, nobody could protect the city. Zayto says to hike their way back into the city, but Ollie has a different idea. He suggests using his equipment to build an arrow, but the others doubt it will work, especially when time is at the essence. Still, Ollie stays behind as he already took apart his shoe and begins building his arrow.

At Pine Ridge, Jane and J-Borg are at the fountain making wishes, only to see a Sporix Cell squirm out. They try calling the Ranger Hotline, but they are unable to get through due to the balloon. Mucus claims the cell as the trio's second successful find, and they leave the fountain to look for more.

The four Rangers make their hike through the pathway back at the woods as Ollie finishes up his Hyper Arrow. The hiking group find themselves back at the campsite as they walked in a circle, disheartening them. Still, they see Ollie launch his Hyper Arrow, only to come up short. However, everyone is impressed that he managed to make progress on his arrow, and they offer to help him, Zayto admitting that they were wrong about his gear. Ollie suggests they build a crossbow to help propel the Hyper Arrow and has them collect material to make it. Once completed, Ollie loads the arrow into the crossbow and the Rangers fire at the balloon. It lands a direct hit, and the balloon is destroyed. Solon finally gets through to Zayto, explaining that the Hotline was flooded with calls and gives them Void Knight's location.

The Rangers teleport down to Void Knight's location and confront him. They morph and fight off Void Knight and Roostafa along with their Hengemen. Under Void Knight's orders, Roostafa grows to giant size. While the Garcia siblings take on Void Knight, the three other Rangers call on their Zords and form the Dino Fury Megazord. After trading some slashes, Roostafa flies and fires a massive Beak Blast at them. To dodge the laser, Zayto transforms the Megazord into its Fortress Formation, managing to tank the attacks.

Back on the ground, the Garcia siblings fight Void Knight for the Sporix he collected. Javi uses the Flare Dino Key to blind Void Knight while Izzy attacks with the Muscle Dino Key. However, Void Knight retreats before they get to the Sporix. Afterwards, they call on their Zords and join with the others, forming the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. Before Roostafa can fire another Beak Blast, the Rangers defeat him with the Dino Mega Slash. Mucus finds Roostafa's Sporix Cell, but Ollie claims it for the Rangers, leaving the former to go back to Area 62 empty handed. However, Void Knight is not upset because he claimed three Sporix Cells over the Ranger's recently claimed one. While not enough to power the device, Void Knight tells Mucus that he has a plan to stop the Rangers from getting in his way.

With the battle over, the Rangers go back camping and ask Ollie where the sleeping bags are. Ollie tosses them the same jackets he is wearing and shows them that there is a built-in sleeping bag inside with a press of a button. When Izzy tries it, she accidentally activates the life raft button, causing her to roll down the hill uncontrollably. Still, Izzy had fun, and the Ranger decide to join in.


Dino Fury Keys


Towa insta transforming in the stock footage

  • When Izzy is shown fighting some of the Hengemen during the first battle, a green flash is seen to the right of the screen. This is mostly due to the Sentai where in the footage, Towa and Bamba (Izzy and Javi's Sentai Counterparts) were the only ones fighting in the woods during this fight scene. So when you see the green flash, it's Towa who was flash morphed in the woods in this fight. This doesn't make sense in context of this scene since the Rangers were already morphed when they begun fighting the Hengemen.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 6
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 5
  • This episode marks the first time a Sporix is collected before it can hatch (with Void Knight managing to acquire three in this manner).
  • This is the first episode to be made available on Netflix prior to it being aired on television.
  • This episode marks the first time Jane and J-Borg alert the Ranger Hotline (albeit to no avail) together, they even referenced the jingle from Episode 5.
  • This episode marks both Izzy and Javier's first encounter and battle with Void Knight.

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