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Cursed Fan-Beast Madogi (呪扇獣マドーギ Juōgijū Madogi?, 45, 48): An ocelot-themed spy from planet Ocelot, a mistress of Shadow Ninpou who used her skills to uncover the Dark Stone's whereabouts, attempting to kill Gozen until Sky Ninja Shurikenger keep her at bay before Sanderu call his pet back. Later given Dezagi's feathers, Madogi uses her special abilities to create the Fake Rangers (Nise Renjā), evil duplicates of each Earth Ninja. Using them to draw out the real Ranger and then Gozen for Sandaaru's actual plan: Putting cat collars around the Rangers' necks and force them to kill Gozen. Forcing Gozen to feel sad about fighting the Rangers. Madogi was able to attack the powerless Gozen. But Gozen used her short sword to destroy Madogi's collar, negating her power over the Rangers. Enraged by Madogi's stunt, the Rangers use their Wild Thunder Break attack to kill her.


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