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Noroi Monger (ノロイモンガー Noroi Mongā, 34) is a spiritualist-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Curse Monger is created on behalf of Queen Hedrian to create an army of three spirits to fight against Sun Vulcan. Using his power, he revives the spirits of Dracula, Billy the Kid and Joan of Arc which he uses to attack people while issuing challenges to Sun Vulcan to face him in combat. When Sun Vulcan finally tracks him down, he traps them in a special coffin he uses to force them to face the three dead warrior spirits in the special dimension. When Sun Vulcan realize the spirits are cursed by Curse Monger's power, they use a special combination of their Vulcan Sticks to free themselves from the coffin and fight Curse Monger. They ultimately defeat him with Vulcan Ball; after empowering itself with the Expansion Program, it tries to hide with its powers but Sun Vulcan Robo's Vulcan Eye tracks it down allowing for the team to finish it off.


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His main ability is his vast abilities in spiritual magic, primarily in order to revive the spirits of the dead to fight for him. In combat he likewise can use various spiritual abilities such as creating illusionary fire balls, use telekinetic bombs and eye rays, and the ability to turn invisible. He is also equipped with a star-like halberd.

Behind the Scenes


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