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"Cu~be Octopus~!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

Cube Octopus (キューブオクトパス Kyūbu Okutopasu) is a green auxiliary Zyuoh Cube modeled after a octopus.


Compared to the other Zyuoh Cubes, Cube Octopus is emblazoned with a question mark (?). In contrast to the other Zyuoh Cube Weapons, which are smaller in size, it is about the same size as the first eight Zyuoh Cubes. Regardless, although this is a Zyuoh Cube, it is not one of the six King's Credentials.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episode 35-40, 42-47


Among all the 100 Zyuoh Cubes, Cube Octopus was manifested as part of Doubutsu Dai Gattai Wild Tousai Dodeka King's Zyuoh Dodeka Dynamite Stream finisher which was used for the first time to destroy Bangray. Ep. 35: The Zyuohgers Last Day

Original form

Larry found the inactive Cube Octopus wedged into the side of a seaside cliff, however, he had no clue on how to activate it. Later during the battle with one of the Saguil Brothers who grew giant, Leo used ZyuohKing to pick up the inactive form and to smack the monster with it. In doing so awakened the Octopus, but it wouldn't move until Sela suggested they throw it at the Brother. It was here it opened up and fused with ZyuohKing to become ZyuohKing Octopus where they had apparently defeated one of the Saguil Brothers. Ep. 37: Monarch of the Heavens

Additional Formations

ZyuohKing Octopus

ZyuohKing Octopus (ジュウオウキングオクトパス Juuou Kingu Okutopasu) is the standard formation of ZyuohKing with Cube Octopus taking the place of the Big King Sword as the head, and adding an X-shaped backpack. It allows ZyuohKing to fly.

Like ZyuohKing (1*2*3), it's armed with the King Sword.

ZyuohKing Octopus's attack is the Octopus Zyuoh Bomber (オクトパス・ジュウオウボンバー Okutopasu Jūō Bonbā) where it fires missles from Cube Octopus's arms.

Its final attack is known as Octopus Zyuoh Slash (オクトパスジュウオウ斬り Okutopasu Jūō Giri) where ZyuohKing Octopus flies up and comes down to slash the enemy.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episode 37, 40, 42, 45

ZyuohKing Octopus Kirin Bazooka

ZyuohKing Octopus can be equipped with the Kirin Bazooka. 

This combination is exclusive to Zyuohger Episodes 42.


First model of ZyuohKing Octopus

  • Early designs of ZyuohKing Octopus showed that Cube Octopus was originally going to sit atop of ZyuohKing like a hat rather than replacing the head entirely as shown in the final design.
  • Though the DX Cube Octopus cannot combine with the Zyuohgers' other three-piece mecha, it is currently unknown if it can in the show.
  • Cube Octopus is the first Sentai Mecha based on a Cephalopod to be based on an Octopus.



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