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Crystal of Nightmares is the 45th episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


In preparation for a big upcoming exam in their class, the Rangers go up to the mountain to study together at Billy's uncle's cabin. Rita devises a plan to activate the Crystal of Nightmares to break the Rangers' self-confidence. While they are sleeping, Goldar is sent down to Earth to use the crystal. With our heroes stripped of their confidence, are the Power Rangers finished as well? Bulk and Skull attempt to cheat on their test from the Rangers, but wind up with F's and extended periods of detention in Mr. Caplan's office.


At school, Kimberly and Trini are worried about an imminent science test; the boys, however, aren't, since they are planning to go to Billy's uncle's cabin to study all together. Of course, they invite the girls.

Bulk and Skull, meanwhile, are having trouble of their own: Mr. Caplan gives them extremely bad report cards, and tells them that if they get another "D" in the next exam, they will be put in detention for a very long time. Bulk decides to follow the "geeks" in order to get them to do the hard work for them.

On the moon, Goldar is revealing his plan to Rita: he has summoned the power of the Crystal of Nightmares in order to cause the Power Rangers to lose their confidence in themselves, making them easy targets.

At the cabin, the gang go out to eat after an afternoon of studying. Bulk and Skull (dressed up as maids) enter searching their notes, but the boys quickly come back, forcing them to hide under a bed while they have fun.

During the night, Goldar puts his plan in motion: the Rangers dream of the worst moments of past battles, and share a nightmare in which Zordon tells them they are no longer deserving of their powers and takes them away. Meanwhile Bulk and Skull share a nightmare of their own where they become Power Rangers themselves and try piloting the Megazord with chaotic results.

The Rangers' nightmares leaves them very frightened, and they meet up the next morning to confirm they all had terrible dreams. Zordon realises what has happened and tries contacting the Rangers, however they're so terrified even the communicator is enough to make them all jump and initally refuse to answer. Eventually Jason does, and Zordon tells them he knows about their bad dreams and how this is Rita and Goldar's plan. He tells them if they destroy the Crystal of Nightmares they'll get their confidence back. The Rangers aren't sure if they're capable, but Zordon assures them they can do it and teleports them to the cave where Goldar and the crystal are residing.

Outside the cave, the nervous Rangers are put off their mission when they see a squadron of Putties guarding the cave entrance. Any attempt to leave is stopped when the Putties spot them and force them into a fight, but the Rangers are so scared they can't bring themselves to fight back and are tossed around. Eventually, Jason reacts fast enough to run into the cave. Inside he finds Goldar waiting, and although still scared summons the confidence up to fight back. He finally takes his chance and kicks the Crystal of Nightmares, destroying it. Goldar curses Jason and teleports away.

With the crystal gone, the Rangers self-confidence returns as they hear Zordon's voice telling them they've succeeded in their mission and the power will always protect them. With their confidence back, the Rangers now make short work of the Putties. There's no time to celebrate, as Goldar and Scorpina show up and are made to grow by Rita. The Rangers morph and summon Megazord, who quickly sends the two fleeing back to the moon.

The Rangers all get "A's" on the test, much to their happiness. Bulk and Skull manage to avoid getting "D's" on their test... unfortunately, this is by getting "F's" instead assuring them another long stretch of detentions. Mr. Caplan expresses his disappointment with the boys for flunking the test. However, he accidentally flings the chalk dust in the erasers towards them which causes Bulk to sneeze his toupee off.




  • Judging by their dream, Bulk and Skull somehow knew the Rangers' morph call as well as the general layout of Megazord's cockpit.
  • Due to the use of Zyuranger footage from episode 17, Billy and Trini switched positions after morphing.


  • The Rangers' nightmares or flashbacks are footages from five of the previous episodes:
  • The costumes Bulk and Skull wear in their nightmare are the same of "Doomsday".
  • It's revealed that Bulk is allergic to dust.
  • The Megazord fight is recycled from "Green With Evil Part IV: Eclipsing Megazord".
  • A novella was released based on this episode (entitled "The Bad Dream Machine"). A few things are altered in the novella, such as Kim's dream.
  • When Goldar and Scorpina are hit with an energized slash from the Megazord's Power Sword, Goldar can briefly be seen in the middle of the explosion with King Sphinx.
  • Goldar now has a different face with a free moving mouth than his previous one which he will now have in all new American footage which will last until his final appearance in Power Rangers in Space.
  • In Bulk and Skull's dream sequence, as Skull tries to control the Megazord, Bulk snaps, "Who taught you how to drive?!", to which Skull responds, "Nobody! How'm I doin'?" They had this same exchange in "Green With Evil Part IV: Eclipsing Megazord", with Skull in that instance driving the Youth Center bus. The Megazord fight involving Goldar and Scorpina is recycled from the same episode.
    • Despite being a dream, this is the first time Bulk and Skull have been in any Megazord, as well as the only time American Footage of the Dino Megazord cockpit was made.
    • They will actually get to ride in a Megazord in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.
  • The Megazord fight was used in a PC game Power Rangers Zeo PowerActive Words.
  • This is the third flashback episode.

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