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Crystal Monger (クリスタルモンガー Kurisutaru Mongā, 28) is a crystal-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Crystal Monger's initial purpose involved infiltrating a Guardians of World Peace base to gain access to a map of Kanto missile launch sites; when it tried to attack one, Sun Vulcan ultimately stops it. Later it is used in a scheme to try and find the new Vulcan Base, alongside a plot by Queen Hedrian and Amazon Killer to use Snack Safari's new chef, Sukehachi Yazawa to find the team with a camera to investigate and infiltrate. When Crystal Monger tries to sneak into Snack Safari to find a way into the base, the elevator hidden inside launches and smashes back to the ground with it and several Machinemen hurt on the impact.

Later, Crystal Monger used its Micro Monger ability to sneak into water supplies to find the base, but the Sun Vulcan bases being turned off to stop it only had it attack multiple other people through their faucets. To drain the Monger out, they direct its pipe search to a pool where they force it out and force an attack battle with its army of invisible Machinemen. The Sun Vulcan forces defeat it, first with Vulcan Ball, then with Sun Vulcan Robo.


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He had two main abilities: "Invisible Monger" which allowed it to become invisible for infiltration and "Micro Monger" which allowed it to shrink into a small size to sneak between bars or inside water pipes. He also had a crystal staff that could emit energy surges, teleport, and "crystal gun" to shoot crystals from his eye.

Behind the Scenes


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