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An overview of the Crystal Dimension.

Evox and Scrozzle in the main area with Blaze and Roxy's blank robot forms.

"Ow! Curse these darn crystals! They're everywhere!"
Scrozzle complaining about the Crystal Dimension[src]

The Crystal Dimension is the current location of Evox's Virus as well as its forces consisting of Tronics, Gigadrones and Robotrons. After the Rangers invaded and destroyed the Cyber Dimension, Evox and Scrozzle moved their base of operations here.

The skies have a yellow hue in contrast to the Cyber Dimension's red skies and the ground is covered in patches of white mist. The land is also dotted with numerous glowing silver and blue crystals which cause pain to any living being that touches them, something Scrozzle finds increasingly annoying.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Save Our Shores

As part of his plan to seize control of the Beast-X King Zord, Evox had Controlatron bring a brainwashed Nate Silva to the Crystal Dimension so that he could create the necessary malware. Although the other Rangers eventually freed Nate, he couldn't remember anything about his time under Evox's control, and could therefore not tell them about the Crystal Dimension.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Blame Game

The Crystal Dimension was abandoned after Evox's final defeat, as Scrozzle fled and took refuge in the sewers of Corinth before Colonel Mason Truman brought him in for incarceration at Grid Battleforce.

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