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―Crystal Cryptid's words to Adam as it senses his Power Crystal[src]

The Crystal Cryptid is a monster created by a Rita Repulsa of an alternate universe and the main antagonist of the short story "Forever Mighty Morphin' Black".

Character History

A few details are given by Adam about the creature during his distress call. It was created by Rita Repulsa at some point and was so powerful that over an unknown period of time Crystal Cryptid presumably killed almost all of the Power Rangers except for Adam. Crystal Cryptid fed on Power Crystals, their power seemingly enhancing his own and made him nearly unstoppable. Upon finding Adam in a hidden chamber, he demanded that the Black Ranger hand his crystal over, but Adam refused and activated an emergency teleportation beacon to summon other Black Rangers from across time and space for help. The Black Ranger army's numbers and skills as fighters quickly overwhelmed Crystal Cryptid and he was shattered, killing him instantly and leaving behind the Power Crystals of the fallen Rangers for Adam to recover.


The Crystal Cryptid was a bestial creature with an unending hunger for Power Crystals. While he is capable of speech, it is seemingly limited and simple as the creature is driven only by a desire to destroy and consume.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Crystal Cryptid could fly or levitate in the air as it slowly descended from the hole it made in the ceiling of the Transmitter Chamber.
  • Crystal Creation: Crystal Cryptid can create crystals to imprison or push back his targets or create constructs to attack them.
  • Extendable Arms: During his battle with the Black Ranger Army, Crystal Cryptid was seen extending the length of one of his arms to grab one of the Black Rangers.


  • Alternate universe continuity or otherwise, Crystal Cryptid is possibly the most powerful monster any version of Rita Repulsa has ever created as it was able to eliminate five out of the six Rangers in the team and absorb their Crystals.
  • Inside its body are Power Crystals of the Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Green Ranger.


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