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"That pathetic human is just a young boy! How could he possibly be one of the feared Guardians?"
―Crustor's first words after (presumably) being told to target Cody by Serrator.[src]

"Your time is up, Guardian! Get out of the way! I'm taking the BullZord and I'll use it to destroy YOUR WORLD!"
―Crustor when confronting Cody in the BullZord before Jayden arrived and his final words before his first death.[src]

"If we can't have the Bullzord, then nobody will!"
―Crustor when growing.[src]

"Oh no, this is the primal power!"
―Crustor reacting to the Bull Megazord charging up its finisher and his final words before his second death.[src]

Crustor is a warty, barnacle-like Nighlok monster who serves as the main antagonist of the episode "The BullZord."


Crustor is a fire/crust-themed Nighlok who Serrator gave the job to find the BullZord so that it can be part of a bigger plot that he has planned to split open the world. Crustor targeted a boy named Cody whose family had guarded the seal that contains the BullZord in a plot to gain control of the ancient Zord for his master. The monster follows Cody to where the BullZord is sealed where he releases the BullZord. When the BullZord is freed and runs rampant, Crustor plans to find a way to capture the BullZord and Cody. Crustor orders Giant Moogers to capture the BullZord and Cody but to leave them unharmed. With the Samurai Megazord and the Claw Battlezord competing against them to capture the Bullzord, the Samurai Megazord mounts the BullZord and easily fends off the footsoldiers. When the Moogers fail, Crustor states that capturing the BullZord will be tough enough and tells Master Xandred that he will go after the BullZord again. Crustor and the Moogers track the BullZord and end up fighting the Samurai Rangers where the Nighlok proceeds to go after the BullZord with Jayden on his trail. Crustor infiltrates the BullZord as Jayden also enters the BullZord where he fights Crustor. As Jayden fights Crustor, the BullZord is heading straight towards the cliff. Upon knocking down Crustor, Jayden gives Cody a disk which combined with Cody's symbol power to tame the BullZord while he continues to fight Crustor. Jayden assumes his Super Samurai Mode and finishes off Crustor by knocking him out of the BullZord with the Super Blazing Strike. After the BullZord is tamed, Crustor grows to giant size but after Cody gets to safety, Jayden ends up being congratulated by the Grand Shogun and transforming the BullZord into the Bull Megazord. Crustor tries to destroy the BullZord with his fire but it is unaffected and punches him back before knocking him down with the Shoulder Blasters. Although Crustor recovers, Jayden transforms into Shogun Mode and finishes him off with a combination of the Revolving Laser Blaster Final Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The BullZord


Crustor was an arrogant, cunning and devious Nighlok who will not stop to destroy the Rangers and find BullZord for Xandred. He was determined to finish his task and was arrogant which led to his defeat. But he is also loyal Xandred.

Powers and Abilities


  • Gap Teleportation: Like other Nighloks, Crustor can teleport through gaps.
  • Firestorm Creation: Crustor can shoot large firestorms from his body which were powerful enough to cause a small forest fire when he was a giant.
  • Enlarging: Crustor has the ability to enlarge himself at will.


  • Mooger and Giant Mooger Summoning: Crustor can summon both giant and human sized Moogers to aid him in battle.


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  • Metallic Wing Sword: Crustor is armed with a sword that is shaped like a metallic wing in battle.

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