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""You're like an annoying piece of sand under my shell!""
―Crustaceo when enlarging himself for the first time[src]

Crustaceo is a Rinshi who holds the spirit of a hermit crab. He serves Jellica, and was the main antagonist of the episode "One Master Too Many".


Crustaceo was a Rinshi with strong armor and weaponry that included a drill on his right hand that could shoot energy blasts. He was summoned by Jellica, who ordered him to create a hole in the ocean to create a tornado-like whirpool. In the first battle with the Rangers his whirpool was destroyed by Master Finn. Later, Crustaceo attacked Casey, but was defeated by the Ranger's new Shark Sabers. When other rangers came, Crustaceo grew, but in his giant form was still defeated by the Shark Animal Spirit. However, he used his ability to control zords and made the Shark Animal Spirit attack the rangers. In the third and final battle with the Rangers, Crustaceo again fought with Casey. As with their previous battle, Casey defeated him with the Shark Sabers, and when he transformed into his giant form, he was defeated for good by the Jungle Pride Megazord with shark power. One Master Too Many


Crustaceo is a cunning and unpredictable Rinshi who wants to defeat the rangers at any cost, but he is genuinely loyal to Jellica.

Powers And Abilities

Hermit Crab Spirit-The basis for all of Crustaceo's powers such as;

  • Strength-Crustaceo possesses enough physical might to clash with the Rangers and Master Finn.
  • Durability-Crustaceo has a large shell around his body that allowed him to survive the Shark Saber finisher with the Jungle Pride with Shark Power's finishing attack being the only thing able to stop him.
  • Body Possession: Crustaceo can possess other people's bodies by jumping into their mouths.
  • Zord Control: Crustaceo can control Zords but only as long as they are living beings . As such, he controlled the Shark Animal Spirit and made it attack the rangers.
  • Enlarging: Just like all other Rinshi, Crustaceo can enlarge himself. Unlike other Rinshi however, he didn't seem to need to absorb fear since he grew twice with the second time happening after 


  • Drill-Crustaceo has a large white-pink drill in place of his right hand that he can use in combat.
    • Energy Blasts-Crustaceo can charge up his drill arm with red energy and fire red energy blasts from it. This was only used against Casey during thier final battle but had no effect.
    • Spiraling Great Shell Spin-Crustaceo's strongest attack where (whilst underwater) he lunges forth and spins his drill to bore through his enemies. This was used as a last resort attack against the Jungle Pride with Shark Power but was futile.
  • Fist-Crustaceo has a normal left hand but remains very skilled with it.

Behind The Scenes



  • Crustaceo is the first Rinshi that worked for Jellica.
  • Crustaceo is the second Rinshi to not have a Rinshi Form. The First Being Bai Lai & Carden.
  • The name for Crustaceo's strongest attack comes from Gekiranger and is unnamed in PR.

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