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Crunch Time is the eighteenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and forty-second episode overall.[1] This episode begins the final arc of Power Rangers Beast Morphers as well as Evox's Ultimate Plan, and marks the final appearance of the Beast X Zords


Devon falls victim to a bad influence, which affects his relationship with Cruise.


While the Rangers hang out at Riptide Gym, Blaze arrives at their table to their shock, as they thought he was in Japan for a karate tournament. Blaze explains that he found a piece of scrapped technology on his way to the airport, believing that it was Robo-Roxy’s memory drives. Although the Rangers are confused why the cleanup crew missed something like that, they are thankful that Blaze gave it to them, and Nate sees that the circuit boards are still intact. Nate believes he could extract the data from the boards to see Robo-Roxy’s memories, but a curious Betty takes the drive from him and accidentally drops it. She and Ben race after the rolling drive, tripping up their rock-climbing students as they forgot to unhook their rope. They manage to grab the drive and hand it back to Nate, who decides to take it back to his lab to study it further, while Ravi and Zoey go off to see if the cleanup crew missed any more pieces from Robo-Roxy’s destruction.

At the lab, Nate manages to uncover a memory fragment from the drive and shows it to Devon and Steel. From Robo-Roxy’s perspective, they see Evox and Scrozzle talk about his new Gigadrone model, but the fragment fizzles out before they could see more of the memory. Despite that, they now know that Evox is building a new Gigadrone model that could be the most dangerous they have ever seen. Commander Shaw calls them to announce a Robotron sighting at Sector Echo-75, and Devon goes off to join Ravi and Zoey as Nate and Steel stay behind to extract more data.

Ravi and Zoey arrive at the location to see Railtron 2.0 and a squad of Tronics gather Morph-X barrels, but Devon is nowhere to be seen. The two Rangers fight unmorphed, but they soon get overwhelmed by the number of Tronics and Railtron 2.0 as the Robotron fires lightning at them. Before Railtron 2.0 could finish them off, Blaze arrives to the rescue by kicking the Robotron away. With Blaze’s assistance, Ravi and Zoey handle themselves a lot better, but Blaze gets his arm injured by one of the Tronic’s blades. Fortunately, Devon arrives on Cruise, having gotten lost due to the latter, and he joins his teammates in the morph. The Rangers and Railtron 2.0 fight with their respective blasters to a stalemate, but Zoey had an idea on how to defeat the Robotron. She leads the male Rangers outside the parking garage with Railtron 2.0 following them, but once outside, he finds only Devon and Ravi waiting for them. Suddenly, Zoey appears from above and destroys Railtron. 2.0 with a Beast-X Blast, but needed Ravi’s help to catch her after being thrown away by the explosion.

With Railtron 2.0 destroyed, the Rangers demorph and regroup with Blaze and Cruise, though the former blames the latter for making Devon late. Devon defends Cruise and remarks how harsh Blaze’s comment was, but the latter pulls him away from the others for a private discussion. Blaze reminds Devon that they are now in a critical stage against Evox, and while the former tells him that he is a great Red Ranger with the potential of leading Grid Battleforce one day, he should not tolerate mistakes as Blaze learned that a great leader needs to be tough. Realizing that Blaze has a point, Devon lets the Rangers know of what he learned from Robo-Roxy’s memory drive, and warns Cruise that he will not tolerate any more mistakes, which saddens the Beast Bot. Ravi expresses concern about Blaze’s arm, but the latter brushes it off as just a scratch.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Devon trains with Blaze as the latter pushes him to be more ruthless in his fighting. After training is finished, Devon brings Blaze over to the command room to listen in on the plan to deal with Evox’s new Gigadrone. Although the memory drive did not give them any more information, Nate has constructed a plan that should handle against the new Gigadrone, even though it takes up a lot of Morph-X. However, Blaze deems the plan to be complicated and suggests they trap the Gigadrone inside one of the spare hangers and use the Mega Transporters to send Evox into a secure prison cell inside the base. Although Cruise expresses concern with the plan as he and the Beast Bots could be in danger with an up-close battle, along with it being too risky to keep Evox inside the base, Blaze snidely tells him that he should not have a say if he cannot find his way to a fight. Devon agrees with Blaze’s plan as they need to be prepared for the end game, but that causes an embarrassed and sadden Cruise to leave the room. Although Zoey and Ravi tell off Blaze for his cruel treatment of Cruise, the latter brushes it off as he wants to see Evox destroyed for the sake of Coral Harbor. Before an argument could erupt, Devon steps in and reminds them that they cannot waste any time.

In the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle is curious as to why Railtron 2.0 has not reported in, only to be horrified after seeing him destroyed by the Rangers. Scrozzle laments that Railtron 2.0 was supposed to distract the Rangers until 2:30, but Evox is not too concerned as his real plan is starting to work, before asking the former how his new Gigadrone is coming along. Scorzzle says that the new Omegadrone model is finished, and that pleases Evox as that meant he did not have to keep his secrets hidden for much longer, ominously telling Scrozzle that he has a dark past.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Nate finishes the forcefield cell meant for Evox and leaves the room for a bit. As Ben and Betty go inside the depowered cell, a janitor accidentally turns the cell on, and cannot hear their cries for help due to listening to music. With no other choice, Ben and Betty transport Beast-X Blasters and try to blast their way out, but they nearly die from the bouncing laser blast before Nate saves them from their idiocy. Suddenly, Devon announces that Evox’s Gigadrone is about to arrive and the Rangers morph into action before heading out to the Zords.

The Rangers form the Beast-X Megazord and the Striker Megazord as Evox teleports to the city inside the Omegadrone. Evox fires at the Megazords, and the power of the Omegadrone forces the Rangers to move fast. They lead the Omegadrone to the hanger area even though the latter wails on the Beast-X Megazord, but the Striker Megazord knocks the Gigadrone into the hanger with the Crane Crash. The two Megazords jump down into the hanger to prevent Evox from escaping, and they pin the Omegadrone against a wall despite the latter causing major damage to both them and the hanger. Just as the Omegadrone fires its cannons at the Megazords, Devon summons the Beast-X King Zord Battle Mode to help them, just as Cruise’s systems begin to fail due to the Megazord’s damages. With the Omegadrone continuing to fire at them, Cruise begins to overheat, causing a panicked Devon to announce his intention to summon the Cheetah Beast Blaster and ending this fight. Unfortunately, it is too late as the Omegadrone begins to overheat itself and self-destructs in a huge explosion that severely damages all three Megazords. As the Rangers stagger out of the Zords, Devon carries a severely damaged Cruise on his shoulders, realizing that all of this was his fault for listening to Blaze. As Cruise is carried out by Grid Battleforce personal, the rest of the Rangers search for Evox, the latter crawling out of the wreckage of the Omegadrone. The Rangers subdue Evox with their blasters and transport the Mega Transporters to send Evox to his cell. It works, and the Rangers celebrate their major win against Evox.

Later that day, the Rangers look over Evox stewing in his cell, amazed that they managed to capture him as Blaze smugly takes full credit. Devon arrives with Cruise on his shoulders, but Blaze takes a moment to chew out the latter once again, this time for whining about his injuries. However, Cruise argues that he only got wounded because of Blaze’s reckless plan, and Devon calls out the latter for his poor attitude as of recently. Devon considers Cruise his friend and apologizes to everyone for his attempt to act like a tough leader as he now realizes that they were strong together thanks to their friendship. Cruise forgives Devon, but Blaze rudely reminds them all that it was his plan that helped stop their worst enemy. Just before anything more could be said, Devon’s phone rings, and, to his surprise, it is Blaze calling from Japan letting them know that he won the karate tournament. An instantly suspicious Ravi tears off Blaze’s bandage, revealing that they have been working with the robotic copy this entire time. As Robo-Blaze teleports away, Nate realizes that if the former planned all of this, then that meant Evox wanted to be captured in the first place. As the Rangers ask themselves why, Evox glares at them through his cell without saying a word.



  • Judging by Zoey and Ravi’s reaction to seeing Railtron 2.0 they react like they’ve never encountered a 2.0 Robotron before, even though they’ve had.
  • Devon shouldn’t really force Cruise to stay out of the situation just because of a mistake considering he’s made several mistakes in the past. Even though he was tricked by Blaze, he still shouldn’t be so harsh at Cruise, and should really be stand up for him.
  • Its hard to believe the cleaner didn’t bother to look around to see what happened after he accidentally activated the force field.
  • Smash and Jax are nowhere to be seen with the others after the they exit the Megazords


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