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Cruisin' for a Bruisin' is the fifth episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the twenty-seventh episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It features the debut of Beast-X Mode and the Beast-X Visor.


Devon discovers that Cruise has some skills that will help the Rangers in battle and pushes him to join the team.


The Beast Bots have set up a target range for the Ranger’s shooting practice. Although they pass round one, round two is too difficult as the moving target moves too fast for their blasters. Steel accuses the Beast Bots of not testing it properly but Cruise shows that he did by hitting the fast-moving target. Devon is impressed by Cruise’s accuracy and believes that his partner could help them fight against real Tronics and Robotrons in future battles. The other Rangers are not sure about that as the main Beast Bots were not made for combat but Devon pushes for it. so Nate reluctantly agrees to make Cruise some Arm Blasters for the field just in case the latter does some combat training. Meanwhile, a loose Tronic target roams out of the training area causing Ben and Betty to mistake it for a real one as they give chase. Once they see that it’s a fake, they decide to use it to help them mop the floors of Grid Battleforce.

In the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle is in awe over his newest creation, Digitron, but the Robo-Generals are not too impressed by it. However, Scrozzle reveals that Digitron can absorb any kind of technology and it can grow stronger with more advanced tech.

At Grid Battleforce, Nate gives Cruise his Wheel Blasters which are balance for blasting and defending. Just then, Commander Shaw alerts the Rangers about a Robotron attack and Cruise declares that he’s ready to fight with the team. Although Nate isn’t sure that Cruise can handle a battle without combat training, Devon has faith in his Beast Bot’s abilities and promises the former that he will watch over him. The Rangers see Digitron absorbing any tech gear he can find, and morph into action. Digitron summons a squad of Tronics but while Cruise can take them on with his blasters, Digitron blasts him in the back and corners the Beast Bot. Devon is restrained from helping Cruise as Digitron absorbs the Beast Bot, making the Robotron stronger than ever. None of the Rangers can take him on and Digitron teleports away.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Devon feels responsible for forcing Cruise into the battlefield especially as he ignored Nate’s insistence on combat training. However, Zoey and Ravi remind Devon that Digitron was looking for tech to absorb, and if it wasn’t Cruise, then it most likely would have been Steel. While the Rangers wonder how they can beat Digitron now that his strength has increased with Cruise’s data, Devon gets an idea. Digitron was able to grow stronger by digitizing and absorbing Cruise so there might be a way to merge with their own Beast Bots and grow stronger as a result. Although Nate says it’s a complex idea, he believes he can do it and use that theory to reverse the process to save Cruise.

Back in the Crystal Dimension, the Robo-Generals are impressed that Digitron has grown stronger thanks to Cruise’s data but Scrozzle could only wish that Evox was them to rub in how better he was than them. However, Robo-Blaze reminds him that the job is not over yet, ordering Digitron to find more technology, reach his maximum potential and crush the Power Rangers.

At Grid Battleforce, Nate reveals new Beast-X Mode Keys designed to digitize the Beast Bots, and Ravi and Zoey successfully do so with Smash and Jax. Devon gets his new Beast-X Mode Key as well and Nate reveals that with the Beast Bots loaded into the keys, they can use them in conjunction with the brand new Beast-X Visor. All they have to do is attach the visor to their Beast-X Morphers and use the Beast-X Mode Keys to turn the Beast Bots into armor for them, amplifying their Beast Powers in the process. Although Nate needs a little more time to fine-tune the visors, the alarm goes off on Digitron’s location, forcing him to tell his assistant to finish the process.

The Rangers arrive at Digitron’s location and decide to fight the Robotron to buy them some time on the Beast-X Visors. They morph but Digitron is still too powerful for them to handle as he launches a powerful blast against the main trio. Thankfully, Nate gets a notification that the Beast-X Visors are ready and Devon summons his before placing it onto his Morpher. As Ravi and Zoey fire at Digitron, Nate and Steel restrain the Robotron long enough for Devon to grab Cruise from the inside and digitize him with the Beast-X Mode Key. With Cruise safe and sound, Devon activates Beast-X Mode, armor forming around him made from Cruise’s digitized form. Ravi and Zoey follow suit, summoning their Beast-X Visors and activating Beast-X Mode. Digitron summons a squad of Tronics but the Rangers show that their new power-ups have amplified their Beast Powers. Devon speed is near teleportation levels, Ravi can create objects from existing matter and swing it around with no problem and Zoey can glide around in the air. Once the Tronics are taken care of, Digitron fires back at them, but this time, they feel nothing. After Zoey and Ravi weaken Digitron some more, Devon destroys him with a Beast-X Cheetah Charge.

In the Crystal Dimension, Evox returns but when Scrozzle tries to butter him up by asking how his Morph-X Tower plan is coming along, the former refuses to ignore the latter’s failure. It turns out the Robo-Generals told Evox about Digitron’s destruction and the latter orders them to get him Nate as the next step of his plans.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Cruise gives Nate back the Wheel Blasters as he prefers to help Devon in Beast-X Mode as Jax and Smash are excited for more battles like that. Devon and Cruise apologize to each other for their mistakes, the former calling the latter his best friend and Smash celebrates with a big party popper. Then, Ben and Betty arrive with their new cleaning robot but it starts to attack them as everybody is covered in confetti. Just when the robot corners the group, Cruise destroys it with his Wheel Blasters.



  • It seems Nate and Steel are using Beast-X Morphers instead of their Striker Morphers during their second fight.
  • When Digitron shots the Red Ranger, his visor can be seen to be broken.


  • The human Blaze and Roxy do not appear in this episode.
  • This is the first episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 in which the Zords do not appear and the first episode not to feature both the Zords and the victory catchphrase ("Virus Eliminated") since the season 1 pilot episode.
    • This is also the first episode to have a Robotron without a Gigadrone counterpart.
      • The reason for this is because the MegaZord belonging to Digitron's counterpart, SunadokeiZord, didn't appear until the following episode for some reason during the battle against PuppetZord. (Although it is most likely because like the other MegaZords in the later arc of Go-Busters, they took a long time to appear). Digidrone will be adapted as Beast Morphers has adapted Puppetloid as Controlatron on the following episode, The Blame Game.
  • In Go-Busters, the reason for him being so strong was that he was originally part of a group of Metaloids/Robotrons called Messiah Metaloids, monsters derived from objects infused with data obtained from cards created from the remaining data left from the main villain, Messiah, after he was originally killed. These were the strongest monsters in Go-Busters and required the new Powered Custom mode and a new Megazord to defeat their MegaZord counterparts. In Beast Morphers, this is explained through him absorbing technology and growing more powerful.
    • This is similar to what happened with Versix, Drillion, Blammo, Megamauler, and Voltipede as well as Fangore, Dreadwolf, and Deceptron from the preceding two seasons. All of these monsters were part of special monster groups (the Advanced Youkai and Western Youkai respectively) in Ninninger but were completely separate monsters in Power Rangers with no known connection aside for all working to try and steal the Power Stars (except Versix who wanted freedom from the Halloween Court).

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