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""Hi Devon! My name is... Wait, what is it again? That's right. I'm Cruise!""
―Cruise introduces himself to Devon[src]

""Would you like to take a ride?""
―Cruise shows off his motorbike mode to his new partner Devon[src]

"Cruise linked!"
―Cruise linking to the Racer Zord[src]

""And unleash the Beast Bot!""
―Cruise doing a varient of the Beast Morphers Rangers' catchphrase when posing with them against Digitron.[src]



Cruise as the controls to the Racer Zord.

Cruise is the robotic cheetah companion of Devon Daniels, the Red Beast Morphers Ranger. He assists Devon in training and serves as the interface for the Racer Zord.

Character History

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Cruise is shown to have a case of short term memory loss, as he sometimes forgets his own name.

Cruise's Motorbike Mode


Cruise's Motorbike Mode

Cruise is capable of transforming into a motorbike for Devon to use. When transforming, his face and "ears" become the speedometer and handles respectively. The base model is a Honda CB400SF in Sentai Footage.

Behind the Scenes

Cruise is voiced by Kelson Henderson, who previously portrayed several different characters in previous Power Rangers series, including Boom in S.P.D., Phineas in Mystic Force, Norg from Operation Overdrive, Flit from Jungle Fury, and Mick Kanic in Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel, among others. His suit actor is Manu Reynaud & Kosuke Asai (Sentai Footage)


PRBM - Cruise

Cruise partially into Motorcycle Form

  • This is the 6th character to be played by Kelson Henderson .
  • He is the 1st Beast Bot to be able to morph (Humanoid to Motorcycle), being followed by Steel (Beast Bot to Ranger).
  • As shown in promotional material, Cruise is able to partially transform into his motorcycle form, converting its arms and hands into wheels.
  • Cruise’s transformation to motorcycle form is a reference to the Transformers franchise.
    • Coincidentally, Beast Morphers was produced by Hasbro, who handle the Transformers brand in English markets.


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