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"Hi Devon! My name is... Wait, what is it again? That's right. I'm Cruise!"
―Cruise introduces himself to Devon.[src]

"Would you like to take a ride?""
―Cruise shows off his motorbike mode to Devon.[src]

"Cruise linked!"
―Cruise linking to the Racer Zord.[src]

"And unleash the Beast Bot!"
―Cruise doing a variant of the Beast Morphers Rangers' catchphrase when posing with them against Digitron.[src]


Cruise as the controls to the Racer Zord.

Cruise is the robotic cheetah Beast Bot of Devon Daniels, the Red Beast Morphers Ranger. He assists Devon in training and serves as the interface/console for the Racer Zord.


Sometime before the events of Beast Morphers, Cruise was built and somehow given sentience by Grid Battleforce. He was supposed to aid Blaze once he became the Red Ranger but was reassigned to Devon once Blaze was put into a coma. Beasts Unleashed

Cruise was introduced to Devon, Zoey, and Ravi alongside Jax and Smash whilst they were being shown thier arsenal and Zords. He at first forgot his name and was very skittish but quickly recovered his memory. Later on, once Cycledrone was sent to Earth, he and Devon were sent to intercept it in the Racer Zord. Although they initially had the upper hand, Devon set his sights upon a dog billboard and froze, leaving him and Cruise helpless against Cycledrone who swiftly fled. They were unfrozen once Jax and Zoey kicked Cycledrone into the Raver Zord with the Chopper Zord Jackrabbit Mode and Devon then destroyed the Gigadrone with the Cheetah Strike. Evox's Revenge

Cruise later arrived alongside Devon to aid Ravi in battle against Needledrone although he said nothing. End of the Road

Later, Devon had to fight Shoveldrone alone since Ravi and Zoey were busy with Shoveltron so he and Cruise deployed in the Racer Zord. The Zord and Gigadrone were initially evenly matched until the Gigadrone unleashed a missile barrage and proved immune to the Racer Zord's Rocket Storm. However, Cruise suggested a solution so they changed into Cheetah Mode and dodged all the missiles before stunning the Gigadrone with a Beast Bite and finishing it with the Cheetah Strike. Digital Deception

Once Slicerdrone began cutting into a Morph-X Tower, Devon and Cruise quickly deployed although they were initially alone since Ravi and Zoey had to fight Slicertron. Unfortunately, the Gigadrone put up a shield strong enough to stop the Racer Zord's sword and disabled it with a missile barrage, With all systems gone and the Gigadrone having cut through to the Morph-X, Commander Shaw was forced to deploy Jax and Smash in the Wheeler and Chopper Zords to aid him but they two were useless. With little choice left, Devon performed a suicide attack and stabbed through the shield with its sword by punting it forth, hitting the Gigadrone's head and knocking out its systems. Taking Care of Business


Cruise is shown to have a case of short term memory loss, as he sometimes forgets his own name. He also experiences self-doubt, often asking Devon what to do when the going gets tough such as when they missed Turbodrone. By the time of Season 2 however, he was much more confident to the point of wanting to fight alongside his Ranger compatriots.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Although he prefers not to fight, Cruise was able to temporarily hold his own against Digitron in hand to hand combat.
  • Durability: Cruise survived the destruction of the Beast-X Ultrazord by Evox in the episode "Evox Upgraded" as well as Spikedrone and its Delta Model ripping apart the Beast-X Megazord in the episode "Hypnotic Halloween" without so much as a dent. His most impressive display of durability however was when Omegadrone destroyed the Beast-X Megazord, Striker Megazord, and Beast-X King Zord. Cruise was critically damaged but somehow managed to survive.
  • Good Fighter: Cruise was able to take out swathes of Tronics with the help of his wheel blasters.
  • Zord Control: Cruise is both the control console of the Racer Zord and the way for Devon to directly interface with it. As heavily implied in the episode "A Friend Indeed", Scrozzle wanted to control the Beast-X Megazord by having Railtron steal Cruise's data along with those of the other Beast Bots. Cruise can also control the Racer Zord remotely without the aid of Devon. This was probably allowed as a result of the Cycledrone incident seeing as he was helpless without Devon's control in that instance.
  • Motorcycle Transformation: Cruise can immediately transform himself into a motorcycle simply by back-flipping.
  • Beast-X Mode Transformation: Using the Beast-X Visor, Cruise can digitize himself to form tough armor around Devon to form his Beast-X Mode.


  • Fists: Although he is usually unarmed, Cruise has his bare hands that were semi-effective in battle against Digitron.





Cruise's Motorbike Mode


Cruise transform into Motorbike Mode

Cruise is capable of transforming into a motorbike for Devon to use. When transforming, his face and "ears" become the speedometer and handles respectively. The base model is a Honda CB400SF.


Red Beast-X Mode

Starting with the episode "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'", Devon can use the Beast-X Visor, Cruise can transform into data that can transfer and project into the Red Beast-X Morph-X Key and combines himself with the suit to form a powerful armor known as Beast-X Mode.
Appearances: Beast Morphers Season 2 Episodes 5, 6, 9, 14-19, 22


Wheel Blasters

In the Season 2 episode "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'", Nate installs wheel like blasters onto Cruise's hands so that he could aid the Rangers' in their battles against the Robotrons. They would enable small purple lasers that are capable of destroying Tronics with only one blast each, although he had lost these when he was shot by Digitron and transformed into data that was absorbed into Digitron's body. After the Rangers' victory against Digitron, Cruise returned the Wheel Blasters back to Nate as he only needs to help them in Beast-X Mode.

Behind the Scenes

Cruise is voiced by Kelson Henderson, who previously portrayed several different characters in previous Power Rangers series, including Boom in S.P.D., Phineas in Mystic Force, Norg from Operation Overdrive, Flit from Jungle Fury, and Mick Kanic in Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel, among others. His suit actor is Manu Reynaud & Kosuke Asai (Sentai Footage)


  • He is the first Beast Bot to be able to morph (Humanoid to Motorcycle), being followed by Steel (Beast Bot to Ranger).
  • As shown in promotional material, Cruise is able to partially transform into his motorcycle form, converting his arms and hands into wheels. This was retconned in the cartoon, the arm wheels being separate blaster attachments.
  • Cruise’s transformation to motorcycle form is a reference to the Transformers franchise.
    • Coincidentally, Beast Morphers was produced by Hasbro, who handle the Transformers brand in English markets. As another Transformers note, several actors from Go-Busters have provided voices for the Transformers franchise.
      • Keiji Fujiwara, the voice of Cruise's Sentai counterpart, Cheeda Nick, also voiced Megatron in Q-Transformers and the Japanese dub of Transformers: Prime. Fujiwara also voiced several other characters from Transformer.
      • Tesshō Genda, the voice of Smash's Sentai counterpart, Gorisaki Banana, also voiced Optimus Prime in several Japanese Transformers productions.


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