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Crossed Wires is the eighteenth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It features the debut of the Fusion Ultrazord.


Izzy attempts to hide her struggles with electronics class, putting the Rangers at risk when they rely on those skills during a battle.


In the front of Pine Ridge High School, Izzy meets up with her girlfriend Fern, who offered to help her study for electronics class. However, Izzy declined the offer. After Fern left, she is approached by the rest of the Rangers. Javi asked how did her electronics class go, which she answered that she will ace it. Ollie then reminisce about his electronics class back in the day and offered to give Izzy a few tips, but once again Izzy declined. Just then, Zayto received a call from Solon, who detected a strange activity at a park. Curious, the Rangers go to check it out.

Arriving at the park, the Rangers see a group of people lying down on the ground unconscious. Javi guessed it's some kind of weird group nap. Izzy then meets up with her dad and asked what's going on, to which the Warden is not sure himself. Zayto asked the others if they heard a strange noise. Just as he tries to wake up one of the sleeping people, the Warden got hit by a mysterious beam that put him to sleep like the others. Solon suddenly calls the Rangers to inform a Sporix Beast attack at an old chemical plant. The team split up, with Zayto, Ollie and Amelia going to the chem plant while Izzy, Javi and Aiyon check the source of the noise. Izzy then discovered in a mysterious device hidden within the bushes, which immediately shoots out the same beam that knocked out Warden Garcia. Javi and Aiyon managed to avoid getting hit by the blast. Izzy quickly deduced that this is what caused the people to be asleep, with Aiyon realizing that it must be Void Knight's doing. Izzy then calls the other group and informed them about the device that caused the commotion. Ollie, coming to the same conclusion as Aiyon, realized that a similar device must be around the chemical plant as well.

Searching through the chem plant, the three Rangers discovered the same device that Izzy talked about just nearby. Zayto told Ollie to check it out. Ollie then goes near the device and exposed its circuits. Using his skills with electronics, Ollie easily disabled the device. He then told Izzy to bypass the capacitor, saying that the circuits is similar to the ones in her electronics class and that it should be quite simple. Izzy, however, sounds a bit doubtful. All of a sudden, a Stone Sporix Beast appeared with the Hengemen. Ollie quickly ends his communication with Izzy and morphed with Zayto and Amelia to take on them.

Back at the park, Izzy exposed the device's circuits similar to what Ollie did. However, she immediately struggles to find out which one should she take off. Instead of taking off two of the tubes like Ollie, Izzy dismantled the capacitor, causing the device to overload and shoots two beams which knocked out Javi and Aiyon. Panicked, Izzy tried to wake both of them up. She discovered that the other people woke up from their sleep except for Javi and Aiyon. Left with no choice, she teleported the three of them away from the park. After all civilians left the park, Mucus comes out of hiding and retrieves the device, which is called the Sleep Trap, before teleporting away.

In the chemical plant, Zayto, Ollie and Amelia fight off the Hengemen and the Stone Sporix Beast. They managed to destroy the former and proceed to finish off the latter using Dino Fury Strike. Amelia then retrieves the defeated Stone Sporix Beast's Sporix Cell, while Ollie takes the disabled Sleep Trap. Solon informed the Rangers that something bad has happened and told them to return to Dinohenge. The three of them immediately teleported back to Dinohenge to secure the Sporix.

Back in the Dinohenge, the other Rangers are observing the sleeping Javi and Aiyon while Solon takes a look at the Sleep Trap. Zayto inquires Izzy about what had happened, to which she responded that she pulled out the "blue thing" (the capacitor). This surprised Ollie as he said to Izzy that is not the way to bypass the capacitor, which the latter now understands. Izzy said that it was an accident and apologized. Ollie then asked why Izzy could mess up something simple, to which the latter admits that she is actually struggling with electronics. This confused both Zayto and Ollie as they thought she could ace her test, but Izzy says that she can't wrap her head around it as she forgets what she had learned after 5 minutes. Disappointed, Ollie lashes out at Izzy, saying that she should have let him help her study so they don't have two Rangers down. Izzy apologized again, but Ollie says it's too late. Amelia assures Izzy it's going to be okay as Ollie goes to help Solon.

Solon then told Ollie that the blast that hit Javi and Aiyon were very powerful, causing them to not yet wake up. She hypothesized that if they changed the polarity of the beams, there's a chance that they can wake both Javi and Aiyon. Ollie said that it's a nice hypothesis, but it will take time. Solon believes Izzy can help, but Ollie is doubtful about it after Izzy comes clean about her struggle. Solon then said if books can't help her, maybe a hands-on approach can. Deciding to give her a chance, Ollie tells Izzy to help him reconfigure the Sleep Trap. At first, she doubted that she can help, but Ollie offers to guide her through the process. He would then spend the next few hours teaching Izzy about electronics.

In Area 62, Void Knight is busy configuring the circuits of another Sleep Trap device, while Mucus distracts him by telling about Izzy's failure of disabling the Sleep Trap (causing him to slam the work table to silence her). Void Knight would then be distracted by a crying voice, which is revealed to come from two other Stone Sporix Beasts that mourned the demise of their brother. The armored villain then asked the two about what they would do, which one of them responded that they will get revenge. Assuring them they will get their chance, Void Knight unveils his latest creation: Mega Sleep Bomb, which will put the entire city to sleep with one enormous beam and allowing them to get much Sporix needed for Void Knight's machine when the Rangers are knocked out.

Meanwhile, Izzy has just finished reconfiguring the Sleep Trap's circuits. Zayto asked if it will wake up both Javi and Aiyon, as both him and Amelia had already tried everything starting from alarm clocks to pancakes. Izzy then turned on the device, which shoots out a beam that reversed the first beam's effects on Javi and Aiyon. The Rafkonian asked what happened to them, but as Izzy tries to explain, Solon received multiple emergency calls of two more Sporix Beasts. The Rangers then teleport to the location.

In said location, the two remaining Stone Sporix Beasts set up the completed Mega Sleep Bomb to avenge their fallen brother. The Rangers arrived, with Amelia noticing that those are the same Sporix Beasts they encountered earlier in the day. One of the Sporix Beasts then sets off the countdown and summoned the Hengemen. Zayto then told Ollie to disable the bomb while the rest will take care of the enemies. However, as Ollie goes to disable the bomb, he failed to notice a Sleep Trap near him. This caused Ollie to be hit by the beam, at which point he entrusted Izzy to do the job before falling asleep. To make matters worse, the two Stone Sporix Beasts then grew giant. Javi said that they can easily form the Megazord to beat them, but questioned who is going to disable the bomb. Izzy then volunteers to do it in Ollie's stead. The remaining Rangers morphed and summoned their Zords, forming both T-Rex Blazing Megazord and Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode.

The two Megazords attack the Stone Sporix Beasts, launching a Blazing Mega Strike and Harpoon Strike at the two. However, the Stone Sporix Beasts tank the attacks and combine into a giant version of themselves. One attack overwhelms the Megazords, but Aiyon suggests they follow suit and combine their Megazords into one. Zayto likes that idea and asks Amelia and Javi if they want to see an Ultrazord configuration. The two eagerly say yes as the T-Rex Blazing Megazord and the Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode combine to form the Fusion Ultrazord. Despite still being smaller than the Stone Sporix Beast, the Ultrazord manages to overpower him before unleashing Fusion Ultra Strike to defeat him.

Meanwhile, Izzy finds out that the Mega Sleep Bomb is sensitive when trying to reprogram it and takes it slowly. As the countdown goes down, Izzy picks up the pace but still struggles with it. Fortunately, she recalls Ollie's teachings and focuses on a parallel format. It works as Izzy manages to deactivate the bomb with only two seconds to spare. Everyone is happy to see that Izzy saved the day, but the mood is soured when they see Mucus claim the two Sporix.

The following day, Izzy leaves school as Fern hands her the test she wrote. She passed with an A, making Izzy and the others happy with her improvement. Izzy admits that she improved thanks to the hands-on approach Ollie gave her. Then, they see Pop-Pop struggle to clean the gutters with a leaf blower, and it goes out of control. Pop-Pop falls into the leaf pile, and Izzy offers to look at the leaf blower for repairs.


Dino Fury Keys


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  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 9
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 10
  • Izzy does not appear morphed in this episode.
  • Slyther is oddly absent from the episode, possibly due to him healing from being attacked by the Electro Zord last episode.
  • This is the first episode to feature three Sporix Beasts attacking the Rangers and to have Void Knight capture hatched Sporix Beasts than just unhatched ones since Unexpected Guest as from that episode to this episode he only obtained four new Sporix (all were unhatched) from episodes Cut Off and Super Hotshot thanks to himself, Mucus and Slyther.

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