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Crocodile Evo (ワニシンカ Wanishinka, 21) is the crocodile-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Crocodile Evo was sent to abduct Professor Tanimoto and all of his associates in connection with the Jashinka desiring the usage of a melting bomb they wished to construct for the melting of Tokyo. Nangou discovers the initial attack and tries to stop it but has his arm bitten into by the Evolution Beast by the first attack. When the Dynaman try to stop its subsequent abductions, Crocodile Evo reveals the Spark Bomb within itself that would kill the hostages and the Dynaman when they attacked, forcing the team at its mercy as it continued its rampage in collecting up Tanimoto's associates.

Seeing the Spark Bomb as a major obstacle in dealing with it, Hokuto Dan devised a strategy to attack Crocodile Evo while secretly placing a tracker on it and, more importantly, taking pictures in order to discover how it fights and the openings it leaves with its attacks. After studying the footage, Dan returns to face the Evolution Beast with merely two bokuto, using his knowledge to remove the Spark Bomb and thus take away its trump card while the other Dynaman save Tanimoto and the other scientists. With the majore threat neutralize, they weaken and make quick work of it with Super Dynamite.

After undergoing Big Bang Progress, Crocodile Evo causes problems to DynaRobo with its jaw biting the mecha, but the team use Dyna Flash to zap all of the teeth out of its mouth before finishing it with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Crocodile Evo has immense strength both in its body and in its massive jaw, which can bite right in and not lose its grip to cause major damage to whoever is struck by it. It can also create a "Crocodile Belt": a sentient, snake-like creature with crocodile hide that works as a projectile opponent that it controls. Its trump card was a "Spark Bomb", a bomb planted within the Evolution Beast that, if it went off, would have been powerful enough to kill all those around it, including any hostages and potentially the Dynaman themselves if they attacked it. Other powers include swimming, turning into a crocodile, and mouth missiles.


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