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"I'm in love with the Yellow Ranger"
―Croco D'Vile.[src]

Croco D'Vile is a crocodile/fatsia/telephone monster. He appears in the episode "In Your Dreams."

Character history

He manifested in Kira's dreams after having a report due on reptiles and with the help of Elsa's dream manipulation. Kira must battle him, but all he is interested in is her love. The Blue and Red Rangers show up, and try put a stop to this lovesick monster. They form the Z-Rex Blaster and put an end to Croco D'Vile.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Resistance: Croco D'Vile has very thick alligator skin on his about that made him immune to the Tricera Shield and Tyranno Staff as well as Kira's Thundermax Blaster.
  • Heart of Love: He can throw a explosive heart of love.

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