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"Really? This is for you."
―Croco D'Vile's final words before his death[src]

Croco D'Vile is a crocodile/fatsia/telephone monster. He appears in the episode "In Your Dreams."

Character History

He manifested in Kira's dreams after having a report due on reptiles and with the help of Elsa's dream manipulating machine. Kira must battle him, but all he is interested in is her love. The Blue and Red Rangers show up, and try put a stop to this lovesick monster. They form the Z-Rex Blaster and put an end to Croco D'Vile. Tvicon.png TV STORY-In Your Dreams


Croco D'Vile wasn't truly evil, but he wanted to destroy the Rangers and didn't stop. He was a comedic character, had a mischievous side and was in love with Kira. He was obsessively in love with Yellow Ranger and wanted to get her. This makes him not actually evil.

Powers and Abilities


  • Heart of Love: He can fire an explosive pink heart of love.


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Behind the Scenes



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  • In the credits in In Your Dreams, he is named Croc O'Vile, either this is an error, or his name was changed later on.
  • While he was merely a dream monster (like Rumba Monkey, Rude Elf, and Squidrose), his Sentai counterpart was actually real, and would go on to survive as a supporting side-character, dropping his evil trinoid status.


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