This article is about a/an villain concept in J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai.

The Crime Boss is a group of human leaders within the Criminal Organization Crime, directly under Boss Iron Claw during the first two-thirds of their battles against J.A.K.Q. The first two bosses are named after locations where they possess territory (Tokyo Boss, Yokohama Boss) but all the later Crime Bosses merely were just "generals" with no territorial control. Each Crime Boss would come up with a plan that they would perform with a squadron of Crimers and a Crime Monster underneath them partaking in the plan. Occasionally one or two would command matters directly but most worked behind the scenes.

Eventually as CRIME became more driven by the Crime Monsters and later with the arrival of Shine and his Invader Robots, the Crime Bosses were eventually phased out as a means for the organization.

List of Crime Bosses


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