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"Red, Blue, Yellow. No, I'm looking for the color white."

Creature is a monster created by Elsa and Zeltrax, combined with the DNA of a Lion, a Dandelion and a bomb. He serves as the minor antagonist the episode "White Thunder".


After Trent suddenly appeared in Mesogog's Lair and obtained the White Dino Ranger Gem, Elsa discovered it and told to Zeltrax. Together they created the monster and sent it to find the White Ranger and take the gem. Creature went to the city and encountered the Dino Rangers. Creature behaved comically during his encounter with heroes and joked. But then the White Ranger appeared and quickly destroyed the Creature with Drago Sword. White Thunder


Creature is highly funny and comedy. He is highly loyal to Zeltrax and Elsa. He also demonstrates sense of humor during his encounter with rangers . He is also shown to be confident as he thought he could easy find the White Ranger and was destroyed by him.

Powers And Abilities

  • Blast Beam: combined with a bomb, he can blast explosive beam.

Behind The Scenes



  • Creature is the first monster destroyed by Trent

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