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"Stay back... I am Creator Devius. I will destroy this planet and create a new one in its place!"
―Creator Devius' first words via telepathy after the death of Crimson High Priest Salamaz.[src]

"You infidels...How dare you!"
―Creator Devius' final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"I am not finished yet! I will take you to Hell with me!"
―Creator Devius upon enlarging using the deceased Shadow Monsters' energy.[src]

"It can't be... I am... The Creator."
―Creator Devius's final words before his death.[src]

Creator Devius (創造主デビウス Sōzōshu Debiusu) was a powerful moth-themed space entity who served as the overarching antagonist of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and the main antagonist of Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie.


He created Deboth millions of years ago for the purpose of gathering knowledge on the different species that inhabit the universe. In Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie, he revealed his reason to destroy the Earth was so he can create a new planet in its place.

Deboth first revealed he had a creator to Kyoryu Red, during their final battle. Daigo said that he looked forward to meeting and defeating him. Daigo later told his team that there was something worse than Deboth in space and that they needed to go and beat him some day. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Brave Final: Great Explosion! Goodbye, Kyoryuger

A year later, Devius approaches Earth and use his main body to take over a Galaxy Line Station, prompting Lady to call for the ToQger's help. After the station crashed, his physical form is materialized, but in a sealed state. He sent his subordinate Salamaz to trick the Shadow Line and steal their darkness. The Kyoryugers and ToQgers join in on the fight before he could be unsealed. However, when the two Red Rangers enter his room, he has been freed already, and single-handedly fights both Rangers. Even though he initially overpowered them, he is defeated by a Brave-imbued Daikaiten Cannon's shoot. As the last resort, he enlarges himself, only to be destroyed by the combined attack of ToQgers, Kyoryugers and the Shadow Line.


Creator Devius was an absolute psychopath whose only interest was to destroy Earth and create a new planet in its place. Ultimately, his overconfidence and willingness to betray potential allies was his undoing as the Shadow Line played a major role in his defeat.


Devius sealed form.jpg

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: Creator Devius was able to come to Earth in a gigantic green energy ball.
  • Corruption: Creator Devius was able to corrupt the Galaxy Line station upon arriving inside it.
  • Laser Blasts: Creator Devius was able to fire devastating red energy beams from his eyes that were strong enough to badly damage ToQ Rainbow and Gigant Kyoryujin with one hit.
  • Awakening: Creator Devius was able to eventually revive himself into his true form.
  • Footsoldier Creation: Creator Devius was able to create an army of Cambrima and Zorima to defend him after arriving on Earth.
    • Resurrection: Creator Devius was able to unleash a purple energy wave from his torso to resurrect past Shadow Monsters to guard him.
  • Forcefield Generation: Creator Devius was able to generate a virtually impenetrable forcefield around the Galaxy Line Station to protect himself.


  • Telepathy: Creator Devius was able to talk to the Kyoryugers and ToQgers using telepathy after Salamaz's death.


  • Awakening: Due to his incredible power, Creator Devius needed a full day to revive from his statue like form.


  • Due to being an immobile statue, Creator Devius had no weapons in this form.

Devius Awakened Form.jpg
  • Height: 53.8 m
  • Weight: 437.5 t

Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Creator Devius was stronger than any other member of the Deboth Army, nearly killing Daigo and Right outright and taking the power of the ToQgers, Shadow Line, and Kyoryugers to ultimately defeat.
  • Strength: Creator Devius was able to charge forward with enough force to break through an entire wall of the Galaxy Line Station and send Right flying with a single slash.
  • Durability: Creator Devius was able to survive a point-blank shot to the stomach from Right's Daikaiten Cannon without getting a scratch.
  • Longevity: Creator Devius lived for at least 65 million years with no negative side-effects.
  • Lightning Blasts: Creator Devius was able to fire sprays of red lightning from his hands to torture Right and Daigo.
  • Laser Blasts: Creator Devius was able to fire red energy beams from his eyes that were similar to the ones in his petrified form but weaker.
    • Laser Beams: Upon being enlarged, Creator Devius was able to fire giant purple energy beams from his eyes that caused giant explosions and took down all twelve ToQgers and Kyoryugers with one hit.
  • Lightning Blasts: Creator Devius was able to unleash green lightning from his left hand in a final attempt to kill Daigo and Right by bringing down the Galaxy Line station.
  • Reviving: Using the ambient Shadow Line energy, Creator Devius was able to revive himself after his death.
    • Self Growth: Creator Devius was able to absorb the residual dark energy of his Shadow Monsters to grow.


  • Weapons Combat: Creator Devius was easily able to fight both Right and Daigo at once and defeat both effortlessly.
  • Flight: Creator Devius was able to fly using the wings on his back.


  • Destroyed Wings: When the extra Kyoryugers and the Shadow Line destroyed Creator Devius' wings, he was helpless to prevent his destruction.


  • Magicana Wand (マジカナ・ワンド Majikana Wando): Creator Devius wielded a large purple-grey pickaxe-like wand in battle.
    • Energy Empowerment: Creator Devius was able to charge up his Magicana Wand with blue energy and slash at full force. This was strong enough to send Right and Daigo flying through a wall with one hit.
    • Energy Blast: Creator Devius was able to fire blue energy from the tip of his Magicana Wand that was strong enough to send Right flying as well as demorph him.
  • Blade Tendrils: Creator Devius had blue blade tipped tendrils behind him back that he could launch at his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



Concept Art


Devius's name was derived from the word "devious".




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