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The Craterites are an army of robotic foot solders who are used by the Space Rangers for simulated combat training on the Astro Megaship. They serve as the primary antagonists of the episode "The Craterite Invasion".

Character History

These hologram fighting machines were a part of the Astro Megaship Training Simulation Software to help the Rangers train in combat; while T.J. and Ashley were training, lightning from a storm hit the Astro Megaship and they were set free. They went to Earth and disguised themselves as humans, and the Rangers went down to Earth to find them; meanwhile, a young boy named Patrick, who had a knack for making up stories, spots a Craterite, and then more of them. He tries to warn citizens of the town, but because of his previous stories, they don't believe him. He tries to warn the local police officer, Officer Hemming, but by looking through a police car's mirror, he found that Hemming was really a Craterite, and runs away in fear. The Rangers still had no clue where the Craterites were, until they arrive at a construction site, and Ashley notices two construction workers are identical in appearance, who reveal themselves to be Craterites. The Rangers battle the Craterites at the construction site, and another group of them at a beach, but more of them still keep coming. The Craterite Leader, distinguished by his black head, gloves, and boots, was then seen, ordering its brethren to go after the Power Rangers. The Rangers escorted Patrick to safety and saw Officer Hemming, but fled after realizing that it was really a disguised Craterite (who, after seeing them, alerts the other Craterites). After bringing Patrick back to his mother, both Andros and Cassie tried to battle the Craterites themselves in a forest, but they were outmatched, especially when the Leader came along and attacked the Rangers with his sheer power. He was about to make the final strike on the Rangers, but luckily Carlos, T.J. and Ashley came to the rescue. Andros fired the Spiral Saber at both the Craterites and their leader, but they weren't finished yet, as all of the Craterites gathered around the leader and piled on one another, combining to form a large Craterite-like monster called the Craterite Conglomerate. The Rangers form the Astro Megazord to battle this massive behemoth, but every time they blasted a hole through this monster, more Craterites form around to restore itself. The Rangers finally managed to destroy the Craterite Conglomerate by blasting the leader, who was located on the Conglomerate's chest. As a result, all the Craterites returned to the simulation software. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Craterite Invasion

The Craterite Conglomerate later appeared in Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's army. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Lightspeed Rescue

The Craterite Conglomerate was among the monsters seen in the Shadow World. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Fate of Lightspeed


The Craterites: The Craterites are mindless robotic foot solders that only speak in beeps and moans.

The Craterite Leader: The Craterite Leader also can only speak in beeps and moans as well, but judging by his actions, he is shown to be commanding and filled with pride.

The Craterite Conglomerate: The Craterite Conglomerate is similar to the leader, only speaking in beeps and moans, but boastful and a real threat.

Powers and Abilities

The Craterite Leader

The Craterite Leader

  • Strength: The Craterite Leader is the strongest Craterite of all, considering that he is the "leader".
  • Fireballs: The Craterite leader can shoot fireballs in rapid succession from his hands.
  • Telekinesis: The Craterite leader can pull his enemies towards him with his force.
  • Electrocution Touch: The Craterite leader can zap his enemies with pink lightning on contact.
  • Combination: By giving orders to his underlings, the Craterite leader can join with them to create a massive Craterite-like monster called the Craterite Conglomerate.

The Craterites

  • Strength: The Craterites are surprisingly strong in terms of strength, powerful enough to open up steel doors.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: The Craterites can leap at incredible distance.
  • Human Disguise: The Craterites can disguise themselves as humans, but their real forms can only be seen through a mirror.
  • Combination: When told by their leader, all of the Craterites can gather around their leader and combine to form a massive Craterite-like monster called the Craterite Conglomerate.


  • Dagger Blades: The Craterites carry small dagger-like blades for combat.

Craterite Conglomerate.

The Craterite Conglomerate

  • Strength: The Craterite Conglomerate is more stronger than the Craterites and their leader.
  • Regeneration: The Craterite Conglomerate can fill in new parts if destroyed.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Like the Craterites beforehand, the Craterite Conglomerate can leap at incredible distance.


  • Claws: While lacking a weapon of some sort, the Craterite Conglomerate has clawed hands for combat.


The Craterites action figure with Bibidebi figurette for the Power Rangers In Space toyline released by Bandai in spring 1998.

  • The Craterite Conglomerate is the first monster in Power Rangers history to be a monster made entirely out of foot solders. The Vivizords would later become the second, occurring regularly.
  • The Craterites are actually the Enemy Foot Soldiers of Denji Sentai Megaranger. The episode that introduced the Craterites uses footage from several Megaranger episodes. The simulation deck fight is from episode 1. Footage of the disguised Craterites, the Craterite Leader giving a speech, the forest fight, and the Megazord fight are from episode 14. Footage of Craterites parachuting into the city is from episode 19. The fight outside the warehouse is from episode 25. Lastly, the fight at the beach is from episode 27.
  • The Craterites are the first and (so far) only Enemy Foot Soldiers used solely by a team of Rangers (though only for training purposes).
  • The Craterite action figure came with a toy of Bibidebi, a Megaranger villain who was never adapted for Power Rangers in Space. He's known as "Hyprus" on the packaging.

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