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"Hey. We too late babe?"
―Crash's first words addressing Cassie when he and The Creeps appeared in the Youth Center to audition.[src]

"Ranger Scrambler online!Crash about to blast the Rangers with the Ranger Scrambler for the first time as well as his final words before his initial defeat."
―The Song of Confusion

"I feel somethin' big coming on."
―Crash when he grew.[src]

"I’ll chop you to turbo pieces!"
―Crash reacting to the Turbo Megazord and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Crash is a monster who is a member of Divatox's Crew and leader of Crash and the Creeps of which he was the Lead guitarist of their band of the same name. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "The Song of Confusion".


Crash and his band of musical monsters were used by Divatox in order to play the titular Song of Confusion in order to torture the Turbo Rangers.

Crash morph

They first appeared in thier human forms when they auditioned by playing the titular song and won their places on Cassie's band, with Crash as the lead Guitarist. They went as far as performing at the Youth Center whilst Piranhatrons stole musical equipment for them to use later. Whether Divatox sent him or he just decided to wreck the city is unclear, but he and The Creeps attacked the city in their true monster forms. They battled the Rangers among the rooftops, with Crash fighting TJ one on one, and were winning but fled when the Rangers deployed their Auto Blasters. Rygog, Porto and Elgar tracked him and The Creeps to a cave and convinced them to fight again by presenting them with a new cannon named the Ranger Scrambler. Sometime later, Cassie confronted him in the hallways of Angel Grove High where he cryptically referred to his music conquering the world. A little later, he oversaw the movement of his equipment from the Space Base to the Park via the Divacar. When the Rangers discovered he was part of Divatox's crew he turned into his true form while The Creeps were disguised as humans. The played their song again, but their instruments were vaporised by the Auto Blasters.

Without their instruments they made thier way to the Beach, were the Creeps had shed their human disguises. After fighting their Ranger counterparts, pounding them in the process, they attempted to use the Ranger Scrambler, but were beaten back by the Turbo R.A.M. in cannon mode, which destroyed the other four Creeps. Crash grew courtesy of the torpedoes but the Rangers summoned their Turbozords and formed the Turbo Megazord. Crash went berserk swinging his sword around to apparently destroy the Turbo Megazord but was unable to attack it before being eliminated by the Spinout.


Crash, in both forms, is clearly a chauvinist and showman who enjoys the theatrical whilst also being a cruel and sadistic monster.

Behind the Scenes


  • Crash was voiced by Kirk Thornton and played in his human form by Peter Kenney.


  • Since John Fletcher wrote TSOC and Fire In Your Tank, he and Torch Tiger have almost the exact same words when they grew.
  • The actor who played Crash is Peter Kenney. His name doesn't appear on the credits because he wasn't supposed to play the character of Crash (and was never corrected), but when he arrived on set they liked his look and switched his role to the charismatic lead singer, Crash. Peter Kenney also voiced Crash in monster form. Peter can be seen in Nash Bridges Season 3 episode 13 Crossfire as Paul. Though he no longer acts, he can be seen on a Twitch Dungeons and Dragons live show with his friends nerding out: The Roll Players. 
  • It is unclear whether Crash and his entourage were part of Divatox's army already or were hired (like with the Maniac Mechanic).
  • The reason that he was going berserk with his sword before being eliminated was because he spent his final moments trying to destroy the Turbo Megazord with his final attack in Carranger. This attack was named the Great Galaxy Blitzkrieg Science Darkness Sword: Lightning Blitzkrieg Plasma Cyber Aurora Centrifugal Gravity Super Thunder and was presumably an evil version of the Turbo Megazord Spinout. The name was so absurdly long that he was killed before he could finish it, only reaching the word "thunder."

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