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"Kani Mozu! Soap bubbles, begin the experiment!"
―Crab Mozoo's first words[src]

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Crab Mozoo (カニモズー Kani Mozū, 23,28) is the crab-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

Showed up as a crab at a water treatment plant attacked a guard with bubbles. In first fight with Goggle V was after citizens were getting fresh water from the plant. Kani used bubbles to attack Goggle V. The played hide-and-seek through the water pipes. Changed back to a crab. After going to the lab he copied himself in crabs. Kani attack Goggle Blue with a robot. Goggle Blue used Goggle Ring to throw him off. Kani ran away again. Goggle Blue found out how Kani Mozoo somehow slipped away from him earlier. Kani Mozoo attacked the reservoir. But that attack on the cities' water was short lived. Goggle V used Goggle Ring and Goggle Rope to attack him back. Goggle V used Ring Typhoon and Goggle Victory Flash to finish him off but before that Kani Kong showed up. Attacked with Bubbles and gun, but the battle was finished of by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.

Crab Mozoo was among multiple Mozoo nearly revived by Shark Mozoo during a Mozoo revival ceremony stopped by Goggle V.


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He is able to turn into a spectral crab, emit toxic bubbles from the mouth on his torso, has a pincer claw for his right hand, is able to phase through matter, and can use remote controlled crab robots armed with toxic foam and three machine guns.

Behind the Scenes

Concept art


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