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Kani Monger (カニモンガー Kani Mongā, 33)-

Character History

A tailor Monger who works directly under Queen Hedrian, he is used to steal the works of a female tailor whom Hedrian ultimately has it abduct to make her own tailor due to the queen's love of her works. Although Sun Vulcan defeat it in initial attacks (mainly due to VulPanther's attacks being similar to the element of "rock", which defeats "scissors" in "rock-paper-scissors"), it gets away and is used to threaten the tailor to work for Hedrian or else watch her clothing become destroyed.

As Hedrian becomes ambitious to prevent others from wearing this tailor's work, she has the Monger destroy any other clothing worked on or stitched up by her, with it ripping up women's outfits on the street in order to get their point across. In order to locate her and the Monger, the tailor's daughter puts on an outfit her mother made for her that she didn't want to wear prior, drawing out the Monger and letting Sun Vulcan track it to find her and rescue her. After a battle against Crab Monger and its crab-theme Machinemen, they defeat it with Vulcan Ball; then with Sun Vulcan Robo after its Expansion Program activates.


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His main abilities include the usage of a melting foam to coat opponents or to break into stores by dissolving glass, use crab egg bombs, and the usage of a pair of scissors as weapons to attack opponents as well as to cut up fabrics either for fashion or for destroying others clothing. Said claws can emit explosions on contact. He can also jump high, teleport, and spawn psychic explosions.

Behind the Scenes


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