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Ox Shoe Mask

Cowshoe Mask.

Cowshoe Mask (牛靴仮面 Ushi Kutsu Kamen) is the seventh of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Cowshoe Mask pursued the Gorengers in order to demonstrate the power of his "Black Cross Hurricane", developed based on the technology of the Gorenger Hurricane. During its first test, he has it become an actual black cross; it works but the explosion goes off behind the Gorengers thus making it a slight failure. Yet when Peggy and Asuka realize that the Black Cross can potentially use a Gorenger Hurricane ball they left in the waters of Matsuyama in Shikoku during a mistake made in finishing Shellfish Mask, they immediately head back and switch the ball with a fake so that Cowshoe Mask can get nowhere in his research. During a second attempt to test the ball in front of the Black Cross Führer and Golden Mask, Cowshoe Mask fails completely and the ball goes off in an explosion, not killing him but hurting him rather badly.

Using further research, Cowshoe Mask further adjusts the ball to allow for it to finally work; when he tests it on the Gorengers for his third try, the Masked Monster successfully creates pineapple bombs that fly towards the heroes and explode, hurting them. Realizing that the potential of the Black Cross Hurricane was finally for real, the Gorenger make an adjustment to Varitank that, when attacked by it again, sucked up all the bombs and released a huge metal ball that crushed several Zolders before exploding. During a final showdown of Gorenger Hurricane and Black Cross Hurricane, the Gorenger make their ball become a Kuwagatamushi beetle and Cowshoe Mask makes his become a Kabutomushi beetle; the two beetles briefly fight with the Gorenger's beetle winning and flying right into the Masked Monster's mouth, exploding and taking him out. Ep. 61: The Pink KO Punch! End Ball Game


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Modus and Arsenal

His main attack means typically is a staff that is shaped like a leather brush, which he also uses to polish his face when not on duty. His most powerful weapon, though, is the "Black Cross Hurricane", a special ball meant to be the Black Cross' equivalent of the Gorenger Hurricane and which creates special called attacks whenever it is powered up and released on the Gorenger. He can transform into a shoe capable of teleportation and is armed with shoe bombs.



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Behind the Scenes

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