The Court Witch (Dino Charge)

Court Witch

Court Witch (Super Ninja Steel)

The Court Witch is a character in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.


This green-skinned witch worked for the Halloween Intergalactic Court. It's her job to help summon the spirits of the dead monsters to give their testimonies.Trick or Trial

The Court Witch was present at the trial of the Gruesome Grunts who secretly body-swapped wit the Ninja Steel Rangers. After Mick Kanic posed as Versix to get a confession of the body-swapping plot, the Gruesome Grunts try to flee but the Court Witch freezes them and the Pumpkin Judges ordered her to undo the spell. She does so and the Gruesome Grunts are destroyed by the Pumpkin Judges while the Rangers go after Versix and destroy him.Monster Mix Up


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