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Countdown to Destruction are the forty-second and forty-third, and two-part final episodes of Power Rangers in Space, concluding its four-episode endgame arc. It marks the final appearance of almost every villain from the previous seasons and the last episode to feature Zordon, marking it as the end of the Zordon Era.


"The time has come to complete my master plan, Astronema. Summon all of my evil forces. They must all unite to finally take over the universe."
―Dark Specter[src]

"Countdown to Destruction" saw the final stages of an all-out assault on the universe, orchestrated by Dark Specter and led by Astronema, appointed as his second-in-command. The main villains from all previous incarnations of Power Rangers were included and dealt with, giving closure to the six-year story arc that had started the franchise, and began the tradition of using new cast and characters in incarnation of the Power Rangers. The event also culminated with Andros destroying Zordon's energy tube and began what has come to be called the "Post-Zordon" era of the Power Rangers franchise.


Part 1

Dark Specter's combined armies launch a final all-out assault on the entire universe.

Part 2

With the forces of evil all but triumphant, the Power Rangers make one last desperate attempt to save Zordon.


Part 1

"You have a front row seat to the end of your era... and the beginning of mine."
―Astronema to Zordon[src]

Dark Specter reveals to Astronema that the time has finally come for the United Alliance of Evil to band together and conquer the universe. Astronema agrees and, after giving her Quantrons an encouraging speech about Evil winning this upcoming epic war, they depart in their Velocifighters, half heading for Earth, and the other half for KO-35. At the same time, King Mondo and Queen Machina receive Dark Specter's orders. Mondo tells the Machine Empire to prepare for the biggest battle the universe has ever seen. Divatox has already begun to attack the planet Gratha and brags that she'll show Astronema evil. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa initially argue with Astronema over her plan, but they agree to follow her orders when they learn that Dark Specter has put her in charge.

Astronema mocks the imprisoned Zordon, whose plasma tube has been filing up with energy draining lava and is now aboard the Dark Fortress. Zordon tries to convince her to stop the attack, but Astronema ignores him.

Scenes of battles are shown from various planets, and the United Alliance of Evil is clearly winning:

Zhane leaves KO-35 in order to get help from the other Space Rangers on Earth. He is attacked by Velocifighters during his journey, but is rescued by the Space Rangers aboard the Astro Megaship.

Zhane informs the Rangers of the attack on KO-35, but learns that this is only part of an all-out invasion of the universe. Carlos then informs them that over a thousand Velocifighters are heading towards Earth and the Rangers immediately set a course for the planet.

The Citizens of Angel Grove have what appears to be a normal day until Velocifighters attack, blasting the city building by building. A myriad of Quantrons and Piranhatrons land and begin capturing civilians. The Astro Megaship arrives in Earth's air-space, and while Zhane pilots it and engages the Velocifighters in the air, the other Rangers morph onto their Galaxy Gliders and travel through the planet's atmosphere to Angel Grove. Initially, the fight goes in their favor, but then, Darkonda joins the fight and attacks Ashley. Andros saves her by activating his Red Battlized Ranger mode, but is shot down by Ecliptor. Then Ecliptor and Darkonda combine their energies and blast Andros and Ashley, causing them to demorph simultaneously.

The other Rangers are doing just as badly. Zhane boards his personal Zord, the Mega Winger, but it gets badly damaged by an onslaught of Velocifighters and crashes into a building. Carlos, T.J. and Cassie are also forced to de-morph and go into hiding as Quantrons and Piranhatrons round up the citizens as prisoners.

Back on the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor shows Astronema two newly-designed Super Torpedo prototypes, which, when perfected, can destroy an entire planet. Although the prototypes are intended to be used on Earth, Darkonda, who's on his last life, realizes that something the size of a planet can also be destroyed by the Super Torpedoes. Knowing this is his chance to take charge, he hijacks the Velocifighter with the Super Torpedoes attached. He fires one torpedo and scores a direct hit on Dark Specter, who slowly begins to disintegrate. As Dark Specter disappears from view, Darkonda attempts to destroy the Dark Fortress with the other torpedo in order to get rid of Astronema and Ecliptor. However Dark Specter hasn't yet been finished, and blocks the torpedo and roars "Traitor!" before swallowing the Velocifighter with Darkonda on board. Darkonda's last life is wasted, and Dark Specter explodes, showering pieces of debris on the Earth below.

A holographic image of Ecliptor appears in the sky of all of the conquered planets, revealing that, in the wake of Dark Specter's destruction, Astronema has assumed power as the leader of the UAE to Divatox and Andros' horror. On the Dark Fortress, Zordon's energy is restored after Dark Specter's destruction. He pleads with Astronema to end the onslaught on the universe, but her programming prevents her from acting on his words. Astronema then declares to Zordon, "I'm not just evil; I'm the Queen of Evil!" and orders Ecliptor to land the Dark Fortress on Earth.

Part 2

"Andros, listen to me. It is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe. Now is the time."
―Zordon's last words.[src]

Continuing from where Part 1 left off, the Dark Fortress enters Earth's atmosphere and places itself over Angel Grove. Astronema and Ecliptor teleport down on top of a high rise building, where Astronema addresses the crowd of captive humans. She announces that the rest of the universe has surrendered and that the Power Rangers have failed to save them. She goes on to say that the Rangers are somewhere down there hiding from her, which she finds completely unacceptable. She demands that the Rangers be brought to her by tomorrow morning or she'll destroy the entire planet. Having issued her threat, Astronema teleports back to the Dark Fortress.

That night on Earth, the citizens of Angel Grove discuss the situation. When a Woman and an old Man suggest that the Power Rangers have abandoned them, Bulk comes to the Rangers' defense. Meanwhile, the demorphed Rangers (including Zhane, who reveals that the Mega Winger has been destroyed and that the rebels of KO-35 have surrendered) try to formulate battle plans. Andros sneaks away, intending to confront his sister and get through to her. The other Rangers attempt to convince him that Karone is gone for good, and Ashley tries to persuade him to stay, but Andros insists he has to do this. He activates his Battlizer mode and flies away towards the Dark Fortress.

In the morning, Astronema berates the Rangers as cowards, and demands that the Rangers turn themselves over. Just as they are about to do so and as Astronema calls for Earth's Destruction, Bulk calls out to wait and steps forward, claiming to be a Power Ranger ("I am the Blue Ranger!"). Skull follows suit ("I am the Black Ranger!"), as does Professor Phenomenus ("I am the Red Ranger!"), Adelle Ferguson ("You can call me the Pink Ranger!"), the old Man ("And I'm the Silver Ranger!") and the Woman ("I'm the Yellow Ranger!") then the rest of Angel Grove declares themselves to be Rangers. The real Rangers watch this and are both shocked and impressed that the citizens are standing up for them. Astronema and Ecliptor, however, are infuriated by this act of defiance, so they decide to kill everyone and begin firing on them, but then the real Rangers reveal themselves, morph, perform their roll call of colors (with Zhane telling Astronema that she's gone too far), and battle the Quantrons, Piranhatrons and Elgar. Realizing things are getting out of hand, Astronema and Ecliptor teleport back to the Dark Fortress. Bulk and Skull rally the citizens and they join the battle.

Zordon is sacrificed to save the universe.

Meanwhile, on the Dark Fortress, Andros creates a diversion and locks Ecliptor out of the control room. Searching for his sister inside, he instead discovers Zordon. Zordon tells him that to defeat the forces of Evil, Andros must shatter his energy tube and destroy him. Andros initially refuses, but Zordon convinces him there's no other way to save the universe. Andros raises his Spiral Saber and prepares to strike the final blow, but hesitates, unwilling to kill his mentor. Just then Astronema arrives and attacks Andros. He refuses to fight her and tries to get her to remember that they're brother and sister. Astronema, however, doesn't listen, and, due to the re-programming she got, attacks him relentlessly. She even throws him through a mesh wall and prepares to finish him off with her Wrath Staff, saying, "Goodbye, brother." At the last moment, Andros grabs his Spiral Saber and blocks the incoming attack. The energy bolt ricochets off of the blade and hits Astronema, killing her.

Andros is horrified, fearing that his sister is gone forever. Just then Ecliptor bursts in. Devastated that the Princess whom he considered a daughter is dead, he attacks Andros. The two battle furiously, until Zordon reminds Andros that he has to destroy the energy tube; telling Andros that it's his duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe, no matter the cost. After striking Ecliptor down for the count, Andros breaks away from the fight and does so, sending a golden wave of energy across the universe which purifies Rita, Zedd and Divatox, and wipes out all the other invading Evil villains.

On Earth, everyone is happy except for Ashley, who suspects that Andros didn't make it. Just then, the Dark Fortress lands nearby and Andros emerges with a lifeless Astronema in his arms. He lays her down and starts to cry, when suddenly Astronema returns to life and reverts into Karone. She wakes up with no memory of her days as the reprogrammed Astronema, and Andros hugs her.

Some time later, the Earth Rangers help the inhabitants of KO-35 rebuild their world and are about to board the Megaship, leaving for Earth. However, Andros, Zhane, and Karone plan to stay on KO-35, after Ashley tries unsuccessfully to persuade Andros to come with them.

The Earth Rangers sadly board the Megaship, with Ashley the most devastated that she has lost Andros, when suddenly he appears with Zhane and Karone. He tells D.E.C.A. to set a course for Earth. They go home, and with that, an era comes to an end.

Dark Specter's plan

Dark Specter's attack on the universe occurred simultaneously on many worlds. Many characters from previous seasons of Power Rangers were shown again, in battle.

  • On Gratha, the Aquatian Rangers battle Divatox's forces, who beat them back terribly.
  • On a planet in the Vica Galaxy, Trey of Triforia battles Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, who manage to capture him.
  • On the Phantom Ranger's homeworld, the Phantom and the Blue Senturion battle against the Machine Empire and General Havoc and are outmatched.
  • On KO-35, Zhane and the rebels battle against Quadrafighters and Cogs sent by the Machine Empire. Zhane leaves to get help, but the rebels are eventually forced to surrender.
  • On Earth, Astronema plans to destroy the planet using 2 Super-Missles which are stolen by Darkonda to use on Dark Specter and the Dark Fortress. It's defended by the Space Rangers.


Featured Monsters

This section lists the known monsters that appear in each of the armies:


DVD releases

Although "Countdown to Destruction" was not originally released as a separate DVD, it was released in the compilation DVD, The Best of the Power Rangers: The Ultimate Rangers, which commemorated the 10-year Anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. It has now been released on the Power Rangers in Space set by Shout! Factory.


  • Psycho Red, Blue and Yellow's monster forms could be seen among the attacking armies despite all of them being sealed in data cards and hidden away.
  • The Two-Headed Parrot, Fearog, and Termitus could be seen as part of both Machine Empire's and Rita and Zedd's separate armies. 
  • When Astronema says "Dark Specter" when reacting to the villain exploding after Darkonda's missile attack, her mouth does not sync up at all.
  • A human-sized Craterite Conglomerate was somehow among Rita and Zedd's army.
  • The Rangers morphed wearing their Megaship uniforms. but were in civilian clothing upon demorphing and when Andros morphed to sneak aboard the Dark Fortress, he was still wearing civilian clothing, then had his megaship uniform when he exited it on Earth.
  • The Astro Megaship suddenly vanished from the episode following Zhane's departure from it, not reappearing until the penultimate scene on KO-35.
  • When Zhane turns his head forward while fighting the Velocifighters the stunt actor can be seen through the visor.
  • One of the Z-Putties mysteriously has the Red Dragon Thunderzord's Warrior Mode staff.
  • Dark Specter was telling Astronema his plan when he was attacked by Darkonda, however she was then shown having to re-enter the room to see what was happening.
  • Andros flew away to board the Dark Fortress in the evening, with it being directly in orbit above Earth, but seemingly didn't arrive until the following morning.
  • Andros' Astro Blaster was far smaller than normal (clearly a use of the toy rather than the prop) in some scenes on the Dark Fortress.
  • Rita was standing behind Lord Zedd as Zordon's energy wave approached their planet, however she was hit by it first.
  • Upon seeing the Dark Fortress land, Cassie assumes Astronema had won despite having just witnessed her entire army turn to sand.
  • Even though the Zeo RangersJustin, and Ninjor still retained their powers, they were nowhere to be seen nor are they mentioned. Tommy at the very least retained his Zeonizer for the events of "Forever Red" so it stands to reason that the others would have done the same. At the very least, Justin would have done something to try and quell the invasion.
  • Zordon’s energy wave demorphed all the Space Rangers as it passed their positions, but Trey remained morphed whilst he watched the purified Rita and Zedd dance away. This could be because the Difilippo triplets were unavailable.
  • When all the villains turn into sand they sprinkle on the ground, but for Elgar the sand just pours down on the ground.


The finale was meant to be the end of the Power Rangers franchise as a whole, marking a major turning point in any Power Rangers series to date. However, Saban chose to continue the franchise with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and onward.

  • This episode was originally meant to be three parts long, but Saban was forced to shorten it to two parts as requested by FOX, which meant they had to remove some scenes. Also, according to Christopher Khayman Lee via the NoPinkSpandex site, a scene involving Andros and Ashley kissing was cut.
  • Final appearance of Adelle Ferguson who can be seen amongst the crowd when the Rangers reveal their identities.
  • Last appearance of Carlos Vallerte with long hair, being that he went back to have short hair during his return in the episodes To The Tenth Power and The Power of Pink of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
  • Originally all the villains were going to be turned human. This was eventually simplified to just Zedd, Rita, Divatox and Astronema with the rest turned into sand for two reasons. Firstly for time constraints since they are still evil and secondly to conclude the Zordon arc with his death.
  • Dark Specter and Darkonda appear only in Part I being destroyed by each other.
  • Final appearances of the Phantom Ranger and the Blue Senturion to date although the former returned as part of the Shattered Grid storyline as the represenative of the Turbo Rangers and the latter would be seen in the semi-canon Soul of The Dragon comic arresting Scorpina's forces.
  • The final battle between Ecliptor and Andros is an homage to the ending of Super Sentai series Gosei Sentai Dairanger (which had its Zord fight scenes culled for use in the second season of Power Rangers), in which RyuuRanger (the Red Dairanger) duels with a villain one-on-one to the death, to resolve the season running conflict once and for all.
  • Part 1 marked the final appearance of the Mega Winger.
  • The Mega Winger's battle against the Velocifighters in Part I was original (i.e., American) footage.
  • The Space Rangers minus Zhane would later return to team up with the Lost Galaxy Rangers in "To the Tenth Power" and "The Power of Pink", Andros and T.J. reappear in "Forever Red", TJ and Cassie reappear in "Legendary Battle" and T.J. reappears again in "Dimensions in Danger".
  • This marks the final unmorphed appearance of Zhane. He will appear morphed in "Legendary Battle".
  • The citizens of Angel Grove saying that they are Rangers is a reference to the 1960 movie Spartacus.
  • This is one of the four episodes to originally be the series finale of Power Rangers. The first being "Doomsday", and the other two being "The End of the Power Rangers" and "Danger and Destiny".
  • Astronema would appear in the episode Facing the Past in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
  • Paul Schrier (Bulk), Jason Narvy (Skull), and Jack Banning (Professor Phenomenus) do not appear in Part I.
  • Though Dark Specter had almost succeeded in destroying Zordon, his own destruction seemed to abort the energy-draining process, as after he is destroyed, Zordon's tube no longer shows any trace of the lava that was once engulfing him in the tube throughout the season.
  • There were rumors that the Silver Titanus (The heavily remodeled and recolored) Carrierzord from the toyline was supposed to make an appearance in the finale, but these are unconfirmed.
  • A close up on one of the missiles reveals it to be part a combination of two Bandai Role play weapons toys: the unreleased-in-the-US Spiral Saber and the Stinger Drill from Big Bad Beetleborgs.
  • There is very little-to-no Sentai footage in this episode. The only footage used is stock from Ohranger/Zeo (shots of the Machine Empire's forces marching, flying, tearing down a forest, ect.) and some from Zyu, Dai, Kaku & Megaranger.
  • In the next time segment from the previous episode there was a clip of the rebels being chased by Cogs and Piranhatrons, but was cut when this episode aired.
  • This is the first episode where a team of Power Rangers, who had to keep their identities a secret, reveal themselves to the public, which in this case is justified. The team, excluding Andros morph in front of the entire crowd, while Andros arrives back on Earth, wearing his Megaship Uniform. Even though Andros didn't morph with the others, the public figured out that he was the Red Ranger, due to his Red shirt that came with his uniform.
  • Goldar would reappear 22 years later in Beast Morphers' Making Bad.
  • Lord Zedd would reappear 23 years later in Dino Fury's Old Foes.

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