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"Count Nocturne at your service."
―Count Nocturne's first words upon being created.[src]

"My name is Count Nocturne. I usually don't dine before midnight, but for Rangers, I'll make an exception."
―Count Nocturne introducing himself to Carlos.[src]


"That doesn't look like it has much of a bite!"
―Count Nocturne when confronted by Turbo RAM Cannon Mode and his final words before his initial defeat..[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Count Nocturne upon being enlarged.[src]

"Now I'm mad!"
―Count Nocturne when confronted by the Rescue Turbo Megazord and his final words before his demise.[src]

Count Nocturne was a vampire bat monster who acted as the main antagonist of the episode "Carlos and the Count".


Count Nocturne was created by Divatox when she wrapped her tongue around a passing lunar space bat, and assigned him to convert the Turbo Rangers into vampires.

When Carlos was wandering through the park alone, he sent Piranhatrons to ambush him. He then flew down to the park at night and bit him, turning him into a vampire. As a result, Carlos slowly began to take on the characteristics of a vampire.

When Divatox realized Justin was catching onto the vampire scheme too quickly, she sent Nocturne and some Piranhatrons to get him to bite all the Rangers. He almost got his chance, but T.J. and Cassie easily defeated the help he was given, and he was forced to flee as they approached. However, the Rangers began suspecting he had infected Carlos.

While trying to obtain blood at the Blood Drive that was held at the high school, T.J. and Ashley teleported him to the Power Chamber, where he received a temporary antidote. The alarm went off as Nocturne had apparently attacked Cassie and Justin in the Park so they morphed to help their friends.

The Rangers then took on Count Nocturne at the park, where he hoped to get Carlos back on his side again. When that failed, he tossed down his former slave and blasted the Rangers with his fire breath. The Rangers blasted the Count with the Turbo RAM Cannon Mode, but as always, Divatox made him giant via enlargement torpedoes, and the Rangers took him on in the Rescue Megazord. Unfortunately, Nocturne had the Rescue Megazord restrained to a massive cross, and the main torso sustained damage as Nocturne smashed it with his gigantic drill hammer. The Rangers switched to the Turbo Megazord, but the Count still managed to overpower that Megazord, smashing its legs and damaging its arms with the drill end, looking to slowly impale the Megazord.

As Nocturne's power grew stronger, Carlos was more in danger of falling under the Count's spell once again, but Carlos came up with the idea of combining the remaining undamaged Zords to defeat the monster. The Rangers were able to knock the monster down with the Turbo Megazord's Headlight Blaster, then combined Red Lightning and Mountain Blaster from the Turbozords with Thunder Loader, Star Racer and Wind Rescue from the Rescuezords to create the Rescue Turbo Megazord. Using this new combo, they sliced apart Nocturne's weapon, and on Carlos's command, used the Artillery Power alongside the Headlight Blaster to destroy the monster, freeing Carlos from his evil spell.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Fire Breath: Count Nocturne can breath torrents of fire from his mouth.
  • Lunar Bat Transformation: Being an alien vampire, he also had the power to turn into his original form as a lunar bat to fly around.
  • Vampire Creation: Nocturne has the ability to infect people with a vampiric curse that slowly turns those bitten into vampires.


  • Strength: Being an extraterrestrial vampire, Count Nocturne was incredibly powerful and strong, much like a normal vampire. A single swing of his hammer easily caused critical damage to the torso and chest of the Rescue Megazord, and also the legs of the Turbo Megazord. This led to the Zords being no longer usable for the time being, and the Rangers were forced to form a new combination.


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  • Drill Mallet Staff: Count Nocturne is armed with a Spiked Mallet staff with a spiked drill at one end.

Behind the Scenes


  • Count Nocturne was voiced by Tom Fahn.


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  • Count Nocturne is the fourth monster not to originally belong to Divatox's army. The first was Wolfgang Amadeus Griller, the second was Clockster, the third was the Maniac Mechanic  and the last will be the Goldgoyle.
  • Count Nocturne is the 4th and penultimate monster to have initially had no association with Divatox. The first was Mouthpiece (who Porto created), the 2nd was Griller (an established music maker), and the final one shall be Goldgoyle (hired from an outside source).
  • Back in early 2003, shortly after the series changed hands from Saban Entertainment to Disney, some of the monster costumes, including Count Nocturne (minus his head, hands, & feet), were auctioned off by ABC Auctions. It sold for $150.
  • Count Nocturne was the final monster to be enlarged by the torpedoes.
    • The next three episodes showed Zords, the 44th episode involved Goldgoyle who was always giant, and the final episode featured no monsters at all.
  • In the Carranger version his counterpart did a serious attack on the torso of the Rescue Megazord's counterpart VRV Robo with his hammer where the damage is seen close-up (thereby seriously damaging V-Fire and V-Police the Sentai counterparts of the Lighting Fire Tamer and Siren Blaster Rescuezords).
    • This was not included in the Power Rangers Turbo' version due to censorship. However only a small bit of damage on Siren Blaster was seen due to a footage error.


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