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"I-impossible! How can I lose?!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Count Nair (ナイル伯爵 Nairu Hakusyaku) is the main villain of Ressha Sentai ToQger: The Movie - Galaxy Line SOS.


Stationed himself on the space branch of Shadow Line, Count Nair and Hound Shadow rode his Kuliner and pursued Lady to hunt the Safari Ressha while on it's way to Earth. With four other Sfari Ressha lost in space, the Lion Ressha crash-landed on Earth, where Count Nair and Hound Shadow faced the ToQgers. As they retreated, both of them met Emperor of Darkness Z and decided to hunt the ToQgers on himself.

Bringing along an army of Combatant Kuros, he commissioned Hound to take care of the ToQgers while he aboard his Kuliner and attempted to destroy the Lion Ressha along with the ToQ Ressha. It wasn't long until the Lion Ressha managed to get to space and his Kuliner crashed into the groud. While surviving the impact, however he and Hound Shadow defeated by the ToQgers whom used the Safari Ressha to their advantage.

Count Nair had no choice but to fuse with Hound Shadow to form the Giant Nair Hounder (巨大ナイルハウンダー Kyodai Nairu Haundā). They managed to overpower the Cho ToQ-Oh Police Shield and Build Dai-Oh until the Safari Ressha returned and ToQ1 gou piloted it to form SafariGaOh and with ToQ-Oh, the two Sentai Robo destroyed Nair Hounder with double flying kick.


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Count Nair

  • Height: 211 cm
  • Weight: 198 kg
  • ID Number: Na I 89489-SOS
Powers and Abilities
Darkness Empowerment
Since Shadow Line residents are beings of darkness, it's possible that Nair can empower himself with dark powers.
Nair can fuse himself with his servant, Hound Shadow to form Giant Nair Hounder.

Bayonet-Fixed Rifle (着剣系ライフル Chakken-kei Raifuru)

A befitting Safari Hunter, Nair can use his rifle to shoot highly charged bullets or acted as a sword thanks to it's bayonet-like feature on it.

Giant Nair Hounder

  • Height: 92.8 m
  • Weight: 4356 t
  • ID Number: Na I Na Ro 100048-SOS
Powers and Abilities
Energy Blast
Nair Hounder can fire a destructive beam from his palm.
Chain-based steel trap (チェーン系トラバサミ Chēn-kei Torabasami)
Leg-hold trap-themed clamper which formed at the end of his tendrils, use to attack or capture/ensnare his enemy.
Crunching Chariot (噛砕系チャリオット Gōsai-kei Chariotto)
Formed by Hound Shadow, the lower part of Giant Nair Hounder is a tank/woodchipper made to demolish everything on it's path.

Behind the Scenes



  • His appearance bears some resemblance to a British soldier and a big game/safari hunter.
  • The Giant Nair Hounder bears a resemblance to a horseless chariot with giant bear-trap arms.

Concept Art


  • His name is the Romansh word for "black".


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