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"She has appeared. (....) You did well in breaking through my illusion."
―Count Kaleidoscope's first words

Count Kaleidoscope (万華鏡伯爵 Mangekyō Hakushaku, 36) is a kaleidoscope-themed Gorma Minions.

Character History

He was in the service of Lieutenant General Gara who sent him to prevent Kujaku from finding the Peacock's Tears. He could create solid illusions to set as traps, at one point making her think she had found the tears, but Daigo arrived just in time to keep her from being killed by the poison within. Defeated by the Super Chi-Power Bazooka but the explosion also set off his Growth Bomb, causing him to grow. He tried to sword fight Dairen'oh but was overwhelmed, impaled by the Great Lord Sword, and then killed by the Raging Hurricane Waves.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • He fired an intensified light-beam in battle.
  • Wielded a sword.



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Behind the Scenes

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