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Count Dregon is the conqueror of Edenoi and the mortal enemy of Prince Dex, the Masked Rider. He is the main villain in the Edenoi sections of "A Friend in Need".


Count Dregon is an Edenoite who is the uncle of Dex and the son of King Lexian. He was banished from Edenoi for his evil deeds. Count Dregon was served in his goals by Nefaria, Cyclopter, Double Face, Gork, and Fact.

While the Edonites lived in peace without weapons or armies for centuries, he returned from his exile with a vast army, devastating and conquering the peaceful world. Count Dregon went as far as to have the Plague Sentry and the Plague Patrol force the Edonites to mine toxic gas, polluting their own home. His main goal is to take the Masked Rider powers for himself.

In his time in space, he encountered Lord Zedd. The two are fierce rivals with Zedd angry that Dregon keeps trying to outdo him as a villain when he talked about him to Rita Repulsa.

Soon after the Power Rangers visited Edenoi and helped Dex, Dregon decided to turn his attentions towards Earth. This led into the spin-off show Masked Rider, but he never again appeared on Power Rangers. He ran into the team again in the Masked Rider comic.

He is absent from Dark Specter's convention of villains in "From Out of Nowhere".

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