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"Now I will obtain the ultimate power."
―Pachacamac XII's first words upon being released.[src]

"I am Pachacamac XII! I have obtained my ancestor's great power and am reborn here. I will show my great power to this planet's people."
―Pachacamac introducing himself to the Gekirangers and Boukengers.[src]

"Cosmic Kenpō's ultimate power is infinite!"
―Pachacamac XII upon enlarging.[src]

"It can't be... How can the most powerful being in space, myself, be defeated?!"
―Cosmic Kenpō Pachacamac XII's final words before his death.[src]

Cosmic Kenpō Master Pachacamac XII (Yasunori Masutani) (宇宙拳法の使い手パチャカマック12世, Uchū Kenpō no Tsukaite Pachakamakku Jūnisei) was the main antagonist of Juken Sentai Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.



Pachacamac XII is an evil descendant of Pachacamac I, the first master of Cosmic Kenpō (宇宙拳法 Uchū Kenpō) who was defeated by Bruce E, giving him two jewels that would unlock the secrets of Cosmic Kenpō within the Darkness Pathway ruins in South America. Pachacamac was born several thousand years ago and wished to utilise the jewels of the original Pachacamac to become invincible and conquer the universe. However, he was sealed away in a statue on Planet Isla before he could take them and the jewels were eventually placed into a museum.

Gekiranger vs Boukenger

However, in 2007, Pachacamac XII was released by Sakura when she places one of his ancestor's mystical jewels inside the statue he was contained in, knocking Sakura out in the process. He then takes Sakura's body as his own, forcing Satoru to steal the red jewel from SCRTC and while he goes after the blue jewel from Confrontation Beast Hall. Shortly thereafter, he flew out of the temple, having brainwashed Mele, Rio, and the monster Baka. He then introduced himself to the Boukengers and Gekirangers before he goes on a rampage, destroying much of Tokyo. Before he could annihilate the city however, Ultimate DaiBouken flew in and deposited the Sentai teams who transform, forcing him and his minions into battle. Pachacamac takes on Satoru and Jan (the former armed with his Survi-Sniper blade mode and the latter his GekiSabers) only to overwhelm them and take them down with his Comet Collision. He then challenges them to properly fight and tries to kill Jan with energy lasers before using his secondary arms to overwhelm and take them down. He then prepares his Planet Serial Wave to kill them but the whole team rallys and are able to overwhelm Pachacamac's forces. In the meantime, Pachacamac unleashes his Planetary Serial Wave but Jan activates Super Mode whilst Satoru equips the Accel Tector along with his Bouken Bo. Together, they destroy the attack and overwhelm Pachacamac, forcing him beside Baka with thier Red Zone Tiger Attack.

Pachacamac survives the combination of the Dual Crusher, GekiBazooka, Brace GongChanger, Knife-Hand SaiBlade and Survi-Buster for the Go Go Geki Shoot. Enraged, he then grows giant before jumping up to the Moon with the plan to destroy the planetoid entirely with a Planet Serial Wave. The resulting gravital nightmare would cause massive tsunamis across the Earth and kill everything on it. Determined to save the Earth, the Boukengers and Gekirangers arrive in Ultimate Daibouken, GekiTohja Wolf (riding DaiVoyager) and GekiBatFire. Ultimate Daibouken unleashes its Ultimate Buster finishing attack but Pachacamac dodges the blast and jumps kicks down the formation before catching GekiBatFire's fists in its second arms before punching it hard enough in the face to go down. GekiWolfTouja tries to tries to kick him with its blade leg but but he blocks it with his second arms. Even as default GekiFire and Ultimate Daibouken corner him, he then spins around insanely fast and takes them all down with his arms. However, before he can finish them off, RinLion and RinChameleon arrive to help since Mele and Rio don't appreciate the brainwashing. With the added help,Ken and Gou form GekiRinTohja Wolf which easily overwhelms Pachacamac even as he tries to smack them with his arms. With Pachacamac crippled, they finish him off with the two team's working togethe; Ultimate Daibouken using Zubaan sword mode for a massive energy slash, GekiRinTohja Wolf's Fierce Opposing Wolf-Wolf Slash, and GekiFire landing the final blow with it's Firm-Firm Knuckle Dropping. Pachacamac is amazed that they have somehow been able to kill him before he is ripped apart.


His son, Pachacamac XIII, became an Action Commander in the Empire of Zangyack but was swiftly killed by the Gokaigers and effectively ended his legacy.


Pachacamac was an extremely confident but arrogant sociopath revelling in power and violence whilst also obsession over absolute power.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power-Pachacamac is one of the most powerful villains in Super Sentai history, easily defeating six mecha with just his bare hands and feet. This made him much stronger than the very powerful Hong Kong Media King Yang and even Rio or Mele.
  • Longevity-Pachacamac XII was locked in a statue for thousands of years without apparent ageing. He was, however, not immortal.
  • Strength-When giant, a single punch to GekiBatFire's face from Pachacamac caused a massive explosion and knocked it flat.
  • Durability-Pachacamac was able to survive the Go Go Geki Shoot and shrug off multiple blasts from RinLion.
  • Flight Energy Ball-Pachacamac could fly by summoning a giant green energy ball around himself.
    • Flight-Pachacamac could also just fly normally.
  • Lightning Blasts-Pachacamac could fire green lightning from his hands strong enough to destroy entire buildings with one hit.
  • Master Hand to Hand Combatant-Although Pachacamac fought with no weapons, he was easily able to fend off Satoru and Jan's weapons with his bare hands.
  • Comet Collision-Pachacamac could fly into the air and spin very fast, generating green fire around himself to turn into a giant fireball and slam down onto his enemies. This was strong enough to take down both Jan and Satoru with one hit.
  • Laser Blasts-Pachacamac could fire green lasers from both hands at once.
  • Jump Kick: Pachacamac could jump into the air and unleash a devastatingly powerful kick strong enough to take down Ultimate Daibouken with one hit.
  • Super Spin: Pachacamac could thrust out his arms and spin insanely fast in a completely circle dozens of times.
  • Self-Growth-Pachacamac was able to grow at will in a massive green cloud of green fire.
  • Super Jumps-Pachacamac was able to jump onto the Moon in a single bound.
  • Arm Extension-Pachacamac could extend the arms on his back to thier full four meter length for an increase in power.


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  • Fists-Pachacamac had no weapons of his own but was amazingly skilled and overpower two teams with his bare hands.
  • Second Arms-Pachacamac could pull a second set of arms from behind his back for a colossal increase in power.
    • Enhanced Strength-A single punch from Pachacamec's secondary arms sent Jan and Satoru flying back into a wall hard enough to leave craters in it.
    • Finisher Blocking-Pachacamac was able to block GekiBatFire's energy punch finisher with his secondary metallic armor.
    • Tornado Arm Smack-Pachacamac could thrust out his arms and spin insanely fast in a completely circle dozens of times and slam his enemies just as many times over.
    • Extension Strike-Pachacamac could extend his arms for long ranged attacks but GekiRinTohja Wolf easily blocked and deflected all of them.
    • Planet Serial Wave-Pachacamac's most powerful attack where he clapped his second set of arms and pushed them apart, generating a map of our solar system before combining them together in a gigantic green energy ball over his head. He would then throw it forth to race along the ground and slam into his enemies with enough force to presumably kill Jan and Satoru had they not cut it apart.
      • Ultimate Planet Serial Wave-Had Pachacamac been allowed to complete a Planet Serial Wave when giant, it may have been the end of Earth due to the Moon exploding.

Behind the Scenes



Concept Art


  • Pachacamac is the name of an Inca god with the similar name of Pacha Kamaq.




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