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Corona Aurora

The Corona Aurora completed.

The Corona Aurora, also known as the Crown of the Gods had immense powers over the universe. Even one of the five Jewels on its own possessed immeasurable power.


It was originally found in ancient Greece along with its individual Jewels. Brothers Moltor and Flurious tried to steal the Crown only to be turned into monsters and banished to distant planets because they wanted to use it for evil. Subsequently, its guardian Sentinel Knight hid the Crown and scattered its Jewels (which would take on new forms) around the world.

Andrew Hartford found and awoke it along with the two brothers. When he recruited teenagers to become a new team of Power Rangers they didn't believe him, Rose Ortiz in particular thinking it was a myth. Later, after becoming Rangers the teens and their allies traveled around the world in order to find the Jewels, racing against the brothers and other enemies. After the final battle the Crown and Jewels were returned to Sentinel Knight restoring him to his original form. He then used the Crown to revive Mack Hartford also turning him human.

Black Jewel


Brownbeard's Lucky Pearl.

After the Rangers learned that the Eye of the Sea they found in Saint Lucia was not from the Corona Aurora they gave it to Brownbeard to keep. In exchange the pirate gave the team his Lucky Pearl. However, this triggered the Overdrive Trackers' Sensory Program causing the Rangers to realize the Pearl was the Jewel.

It was later able to transform Tyzonn back to his Mercurian form.

After Flurious stole the Pearl and three other Jewels from the Rangers he used the Crown to restore the Black Jewel.

Yellow Jewel


The Toru Diamond.

Once the Rangers knew where to find the Toru Diamond thanks to the Ancient Parchment they went to retrieve it. However, the Jewel was hidden inside a lava pit in an Indonesian mountain; Mack and Tyzonn gained access with the Sonic Streaker. The latter was lowered into the pit and successfully got the Diamond.

Tyzonn later gave it to Andrew; the Diamond shrunk to a smaller size and was placed alongside the Lucky Pearl. It was able to revert Tyzonn to his regular form.

After Flurious stole the Diamond and other Jewels from the Rangers he used the Crown to restore the Yellow Jewel.

Blue Jewel


The Blue Sapphire.

After the Rangers regained the Phaedra Aztec Del Compass it led them to the location of the Blue Sapphire. The Third Jewel was located in the ocean and quickly retrieved by the Rangers.

The team was quickly called back to the city due to an attack by the Fearcats. Will Aston said he would take the Sapphire back to the Hartford Mansion and catch up with the others. However, Kamdor and Miratrix ambushed him and were successful in stealing the Jewel.

The Sapphire remained with Kamdor's Forces for a long time; Kamdor even used its power to summon an asteroid to Earth; however, what he did not know was that Norg entered his hideout and saw where the Sapphire was hidden. After Kamdor left to draw out the Rangers he clumsily managed to get the Sapphire and give it to Flurious.

Flurious used the Jewel to cause the destruction of Moltor's Volcano; when Moltor came to him and offered the Crown he was able to use it to restore the Blue Jewel.

Red Jewel


The Star of Isis.

After Andrew deciphered the Egyptian Tablet he discovered that it gave the location of the Star of Isis in the Florida Everglades. However, thanks to a virus Kamdor placed in Hartford's computer system he and Miratrix were already on their way.

The Rangers arrived shortly after; while they battled Miratrix, Kamdor went to find the Jewel and was successful. However, before he and Miratrix escaped Ronny Robinson used her speed to grab the Jewel before either could notice and took it back to the mansion.

After Flurious stole the Star and other jewels from the Rangers he used the crown to restore the Red Jewel.

Pink Jewel


The Pink Emerald.

After the mummy Andrew had owned for fifteen years came to life due to an Egyptian medallion and three of the jewels being in close proximity he gave the Rangers a box containing the Pink Emerald and it was revealed the metal box had been blocking the Jewel’s signature.

After Flurious stole the Emerald and other jewels from the Rangers he used the crown to restore the Pink Jewel.

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