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Corinth City

Inside the dome

The domed city of Corinth appears in Power Rangers RPM. It is the last sanctuary on Earth after the Venjix Computer Network takes over the planet. Everything in Corinth is artificially generated, even the weather. The dome simulates a sky and a forest around it. There are several gates, some for passing and others for exhaust. For the city's protection Doctor K leads a team of elite Power Rangers- the Ranger Operators. The city is also protected by a powerful shield.

Throughout the show, Venjix and his minions repeatedly attempt to destroy Corinth, with the Rangers stopping them each time. Venjix nearly succeeds in conquering the city in the season finale, but is stopped and (seemingly) destroyed for good by the Rangers. With Venjix's defeat, the people of Corinth are free to leave the city so that they can rebuild the world.

Corinth as it appears in Super Megaforce.

The Mega Rangers are sent here to Corinth to investigate a disturbance. But they realize it is a trap set by Professor Cog, who attacks Earth in their absence. For unknown reasons, Corinth now looks completely different than it did in RPM, possibly the result of upgrades and technological advancements made after Venjix' threat on their dimension was ended.

After Doctor K found out Venjix escaped to the main dimension and returned as Evox, she returned to Corinth to search for traces of him left in the RPM Dimension. Scrozzle later hid in the city's sewers after Evox's final defeat, only to be found and recaptured by Colonel Mason Truman, who took him back to the prime dimension for incarceration at Grid Battleforce.



  • The GPS co-ordinates given for Corinth in the RPM episode "The Road to Corinth" are 71° 5' 52" N, 42° 20' 46" W, which would place the coastal city in the middle of Greenland. However, transposing the two co-ordinates 42° 20' 46" N, 71° 5' 52" W, gets you Boston, Massachusetts, which is in fact a coastal city like Corinth. Not only is that more likely, it seems to fit the maps we see.
  • The reason for Corinth's drastically different appearance in Power Rangers Super Megaforce, is that the scenes featuring the city were directly taken from Super Sentai footage. Said footage took place in Machine World, which is a completely different dimension where sentient vehicle/animal hybrids known as Engines are the dominant (and possibly only) species.
  • Corinth was built on two fault lines.